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Shanghai and Hong Kong rented demon star into the Belgian giants was officially declared to have bombarded Xu Genbao _1

Shanghai and Hong Kong rented a demon star into the Belgian giants, officially announced that they had bombarded Xu Genbao publicly
Sina Sports News June 6th, Beijing time, the Belgian First League Bruges team announced through the official website that the Scottish player Bernie Ibini, who played for the Shanghai Super League Shanghai Super League team, officially joined the team and the two sides signedA three-year contract.Official Ibini was loaned by Shanghai Hong Kong to the Australian Super League team Sydney FC, but due to the full quota of Shanghai Hong Kong foreign aid, after the termination of the lease contract on May 31st, he replaced and returned to Shanghai. This transfer to Europe is of a transfer nature, but at presentThis transfer has not been officially announced by the Shanghai Club.  Beggar giants officially announced that the former Shanghai-Hong Kong foreign aid Ibini joined the Biggar giants Bruges team on their official website to give a brief introduction to the new aid: 2013 transfer from the Australian Super Central Coast Mariners to join the Chinese Super League Shanghai ShanghaiIbini, who scored 8 goals in 28 games on loan to the Super League Sydney FC last season, is an Indian-born Australian player who is also a member of the Australian national team.He also appeared in the warm-up match between Australia and the UAE in 2014.  And in United Bruges, which has gradually landed in Europe, Ibini’s excitement is overwhelming: joining Bruges is a very wise choice for me. Here is my good friend Matthew Ryan (Australian national team goalkeeper), Ibini’s teammates during the Australian Super League), but more importantly, this team has a high international reputation, and they performed very well in the UEFA Cup.I respect the achievements of this team, and I look forward to playing for such a club.  When the Bruges Club commented on the young Australian youth, he did not hesitate to praise words: in fact, we paid attention to Ibini very early. In 2013, he was called the star of hope for football. He is aStable and fast generalist player, so he still has great potential to dig. We believe his arrival can enrich the team’s offensive methods.  It is reported that Ibini, who landed in the Chinese Super League in the summer of 2013, signed a three-year contract with Shanghai Port at the time, but was leased to the Australian Super League team Sydney FC after half a season due to poor performance.The lease contract has expired on May 31 of this year. This successful transfer to Bruges will benefit from the unremitting slackness of the two clubs in Shanghai and Bruges. It is currently announced in Bruges.After Ibini, Shanghai Shanghai Port has not officially announced the news, and the specific transfer fee for this transaction is temporarily unknown.  The 22-year-old Ibini is a new star emerging from the head of the Australian football team, having won the Golden Boot of the Australian Youth League, 1.At 88M, he can serve as a winger and center in the field. It is just that he has been dissatisfied with the Super League and Shanghai Hong Kong. He has been rented by Shanghai Hong Kong and returned to the Australian Super League to participate in an Australian program., The idea of managing the team under the leadership of Xu Gangbao, the former head coach of Shanghai Port, was very disgusting, and he frankly couldn’t understand why the club chairman (here Gao Hongbo) had to be the chairman of the club (hereRefers to Xu Genbao) Arrange tactics for players.  (Duke)