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Notice on encouraging support for urban tourism, suburban tourism, and rural tourism

4. Fully excavate resources such as local historical culture, red tourism, research, skiing, hot springs, etc., publish a number of high-quality tourist destinations, and plan a batch of boutique products suitable for 1-3 on the 1-3 city leisure tour, suburban short-distance tourism, and rural vacation tour Travel lines. 5. Encourage all places to open cultural tourism commodity stores in tourist attractions, key rural areas, tourism and leisure blocks, "two stations and one site" and other places to support creative packaging, design, research and development, production, and performing arts in cultural tourism products. The district cultural and creative and tourism commodity competition and exhibition exhibition activities to build a product display sales platform for enterprises. 6. Focusing on the creation of tourism and leisure cities, national (autonomous region) -level night culture and tourism consumption agglomeration areas and tourism and leisure blocks, we will focus on building a number of cultural tourism consumer brand projects, and launch a number of differentiated, specialized, and diversified cultural tourism consumer products.

Encourage the development of the night economy in major commercial blocks in cities and towns to enrich the content of urban tourism. 7. Improve the level of smart tourism development, develop online digital experience products, and promote online broadcasts such as big data, virtual reality, museum exhibitions, smart scenic spots, new scenarios, etc. Cloud acting, creating new scenes of immersive tourism experience. 4. 8. Strengthen the construction of public infrastructure in tourism, improve the station stations, service areas and guidance logos along the road (scenic corridor) to the scenic spots, and add parking spaces in the scenic area.

Encourage public transportation and suburbs of tourist businesses and suburban tourists in key tourism villages, scenic spots and other destinations around the tourist season to the peak tourist season, and implement staged free of implementation in the provincial provincial highway in key tourism villages and scenic spots. Coordinate the local epidemic prevention and control department to add a free nucleic acid detection point for highway bayonet during holidays to facilitate tourists to travel.

Encourage travel practitioners (travel agencies, tour guides, and A -level tourist scenic spots in contact) to conduct regular free nucleic acid testing. 9. Promote the upgrading of the tourist attractions and create a classic red tourism scenic spot and rural tourism boutique villages. Promote star hotels, tourist homestays, and travel agencies to strive for excellence. Strengthen the training of travel agencies and first -line tour guides service quality, and organize the district travel hotel service skills contest. 10. Strictly crack down on the organization of "unreasonable low -cost travel", deception or coercion, etc. to disturb the order of the tourism market, deal with tourist complaints quickly, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists and consumers.