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Strong push "democratic transformation" can only eat the evil results (bell)

The United States should really learn from the failure of "democratic transformation".

If the United States continues to move forward in the output of American democracy, its failure in Afghanistan will not be the last time that "the United States has been trying to impose Western democracy models in Afghanistan for 20 years to declare failure.

"In the past few days, this voice is particularly loud in the reflection of Afghanistan policies from all walks of life. When the 20 -year -old Afghan war has come to an end, people see more clearly that the United States claims to be an American style that will be implanted for Afghanistan. Democracy is just an air tower. The United States has pushed "democratic transformation" that is not in line with reality, and will eventually only eat evil. The American political elite has issued many "magnificent words" on Afghanistan. Now these words will only make them embarrassed. Twenty years ago, the former US President Bush, who launched the Afghanistan war, bluntly said: "We have strategic interests to help the people in Afghanistan establish a free society." When responding to the US Congress about whether the U.S. Congress had a "national reconstruction" in Afghanistan, the U.S. Central Government The former head of the headquarters Peterreus replied, "We are indeed."

"Washington Post" pointed out after interviewing a large number of US diplomats, military officials, and assistants that "Washington stupidly tried to reshape Afghanistan according to its own image" and wants to impose a American "democratic system and free market economy" Afghanistan.

Twenty years later, the failure of the "democratic transformation" plan in the United States has become a foregone conclusion, and the US leaders are also fascinated by the so -called "US policy goals in Aegis." thorough. The United States is trying to transplant American democracy in Afghanistan, but it has built a unrealistic mirage from beginning to end.

In terms of political architecture, the United States tries to create a "Third World Version of Washington", which completely ignores this political arrangement that does not match the historical and cultural and national conditions of Afghanistan.

In terms of social governance, according to US media reports, the U.S. advisers "to learn how to conduct police work on Afghanistan by watching TV shows", the civil affairs team "was formed by a large -scale formation through slides". Happening. In terms of economic policies, US officials acknowledge that Afghanistan’s economic policies that can help Afghanistan gradually get rid of poverty, such as appropriate price control and government subsidies, have never been considered by them because these measures are incompatible with capitalism. The US Broadcasting Corporation’s reports pointed out in a blood -stroke that essentially speaking, the US government has always tried to force Afghanistan into a box that it cannot be suitable. According to US media estimates, in the past 20 years, the United States has taken up funds from Afghanistan in the past 20 years. After inflation, it is even more than the "Marshall Plan" after World War II. Investment is so huge, but it is difficult to avoid failure. This bitter reality is undoubtedly a great irony of American hegemony. "We lack a fundamental understanding of Afghanistan" "The worst thing is to apply one country’s experience directly to another" … Many U.S. officials participating in Afghanistan "rebuilding" believe that the US output of democracy to Afghanistan is attributed to arrogance. Devil and self -deception.

History has long proven that the foreign model has been rigid to the country with different historical culture and national conditions. In this regard, there are many lessons in the United States.

However, American politicians have not been able to get rid of the urge to output American democracy. They have a self -righteous "civilization superiority" that regards democracy as the "patent" of the United States. They think that under the banner of "democracy", they can arbitrarily trample on international rules, interfere with other domestic politics, and even mobilize wars to achieve the purpose of maintaining American hegemony.

It is this psychology that allows the United States to repeat its mistakes again and again.

Democracy does not have a fixed model, let alone enter the main, and the more and more.

The United States should really learn from the failure of "democratic transformation". If the United States continues to move forward in the output of American democracy, its failure in Afghanistan will not be the last time.