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Jilin Province’s second -quarter project concentrated on the opening of the work was held

  On April 28, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government held a concentrated on the second quarter of the province’s project in the main venue of Zhuo Yi Biomedical Project in Changchun City.

The province’s 432 or more projects of more than 50 million yuan will be concentrated in resumption, with a total investment of 364 billion yuan.

Provincial Party Secretary Jing Junhai attended the event and announced a resumption of work. Han Jun, deputy secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Governor of the Provincial Party Committee. In Jilin in April, spring returned to the earth and everything was competing.

Jilin, who has just experienced the anti -epidemic war, is restarting.

During the event, the main responsible comrades of each city (state), Changbai Mountain Protection and Development Zone, and Meihekou City reported the resumption of work at each venue.

Since the beginning of the year, the province has accumulated a total of 2086 projects of more than 50 million yuan, with a total investment of 1331.7 billion yuan. The new round of key project construction has set off a new climax. Jing Junhai and Han Jun learned in detail about the development of the Changchun project, and investigated the construction site of Zhuo Yi Biomedical Project on the spot, and communicated in depth with the person in charge of the enterprise and the project builders. Jing Junhai told enterprises to strictly implement the requirements of normalization of epidemic prevention handling, organize personnel to enter the field and return to work, effectively strengthen various preventive and control measures such as closed -loop management, detection and screening, environmental elimination, and health monitoring. , Timely and effective disposal, resolutely eliminate hidden dangers in the bud state. Jing Junhai emphasized that under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention safety, grabbing construction golden periods and accelerating the opening of the project are important measures to steadily restore the normal production and living order in the province. Party committees and governments at all levels must thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions for the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. In the re -production and re -production of the full chain and all aspects, further improve the flat war conversion mechanism, improve the monitoring and early warning, emergency response capabilities, and resolutely keep the bottom line of no large -scale rebound. The relevant departments of Changchun City and the provincial direct departments should "one enterprise and one policy" to guide enterprises to formulate a resumption of work and re -production plan, effectively strengthen supervision and inspection, compact enterprise responsibilities, and ensure that epidemic prevention is lost.

It is necessary to further increase investment promotion, focus on attracting enterprises, resources, and projects, and continuously cultivate development momentum.

It is necessary to make every effort to ensure the smooth flow of logistics and transportation, and actively carry out project construction financing services to ensure that the supply of elements meets the needs. Han Jun emphasized that it is necessary to improve the promotion mechanism of major projects, improve the "list+account+assessment" closed -loop management, strive to grab the time back, keep the progress, and do the physical amount. Minimum. Pay close attention to the target to implement the investment plan and promote the resumption of all projects before the end of May under construction. It is necessary to strictly implement the relevant policies of resumption of work and re -production, unblock the construction staff’s return channel, open up the channels for investors to come to the good channel, and make every effort to solve the problem of blocking points such as project employment, raw materials, logistics, etc., and meet the needs of land use, energy use, financing, environmental assessment and other aspects. Do it. When you go to the special affairs, come to do it. It is necessary to encrypt the scheduling and strengthen the service, adhere to the daily scheduling, actively serve, get forward, and personal services.

It is necessary to endure the prevention and control of the normalized epidemic, insist on reporting the epidemic as soon as possible, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of a clustered epidemic.

It is necessary to actively carry out activities such as cloud dialogue and online investment promotion, carry out offline investment promotion activities in a timely manner, boost investment confidence, stabilize social expectations, and allow more large projects to settle in Jilin.

  Wu Jingping presided over the event.

Hu Jiafu, Tian Jinchen, Zhang Zhijun, Wang Zilian, and An Guiwu participated in the event at various venues. (Huang Lu Yu Xiaobo) Editor in charge: Jiang Ruilin.