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A gun-breaking three-city | Tso those things in the northwest (7)

Original title: a broken cannon Tri-Cities | Tso in those things northwest (7) mighty mighty "a gun to break a three-city" Liu Jintang led the army out after closing, to enter the eye, is a vast expanse of desolate areas.

Passing of the army, the air is often a large group of crows, about tens of thousands, a dark mass over the troops, end with flying, always leave about. In the traditional customs of the Chinese nation, the magpie was seen as a symbol of good luck, while crows are ominous bird.

As the saying goes: "magpie called head, happy event to come."

But "putting the crow call, disaster is coming."

Liu Jintang was a resourceful leader who faced the air flying over the sky of crows, she had an idea, for men and said:! "Mr. Liu to see the general’s escort our souls, His Holiness sent so many soldiers to assist in the work of the raven, to our guide, our expedition force is the best guide ah! "Liu Jintang of his intervention, the army suddenly inspired mood, which might have been considered ominous" crow soldiers, "Mr. Liu has now become generals sent magic help, how can I not excited about it? Every army stopped, those hordes of crows also sorts the noise Ming, landed around the team, the soldiers said: "look, Mr. Liu were in general magic guard us!" This is change negative into a positive, miraculous! in fact, the vast expanse of wilderness in the northwest, off the beaten track, crows foraging really difficult, army all the way through, especially after the camp, will leave many food debris, this is the crow wish for food. Therefore, the air crows closely follow the expedition force, but increasing in number.

In march, crows fly faster, often ahead of the flight, it served as the army of wizards.

In that desolate place march, although there is nothing beautiful views of the surrounding see, but there are countless crows in the air before and after flying dance, quack and crying from time to time, not only to lift the fear of being alone for long distances soldiers , it is indeed a rare special landscape! Some people say: "Qianjun easy to get, a hard to find." Liu Jintang to appear crow soldiers, immediately said to the souls of the coming General Mr. Liu, his wisdom Spark is also reflected Tso eye for talent! In addition to uniformed military expedition each carrying grain embarrassing, but even they Tso "bring a wicker basket, pole" to prepare for "pick the Anzai outside sand accumulation." General Feng Yuxiang’s father, who took part in the military expedition, witnessed the Battle of Xinjiang recover, he recalls: "When I walk all the way to the exit, carrying a bag of ten kilos raw sweet potato, very heavy, and too hungry to eat sweet potatoes, thirsty eat sweet potatoes, eat very tired, after the renowned sweet potato, it is necessary to fight nausea. "this is both a fighting force, but also and engineering team, but also the military expedition, heavy burden, the difficulty of the march and convoys, may want to with knowledge! However, they did not because of hard cringe. Liu Jintang led the military horse, "Shima full Teng, Qi entire column row, no laggards." After a long journey of ten days, July 1, 1876 (the tenth day run in May), Liu Jintang troops arrived at the northern foot of the ancient city of Xinjiang, three Jifu, nourishing mud springs, Fukang area to observe the terrain, the deployment of troops. Kim Sun command unit stationed in Fukang County, Liu Jintang Camp is tied into the National Games in East Street.

Southwest is the Fukang Ninety Mile at Gumudi.

Gumudi miles northeast of dozens of Urumqi is the enemy elite concentrated in the North Gumudi. Gumudi enemy troops fled from Shaanxi and Gansu, Xinjiang refuge Yaqub of Bai and horse people, too.

Here there Yaqub dispatch from the southern border and to the six hundred cavalry.

Yaqub lead a ten thousand public as a backup.

Ancient grazing is an important stronghold in Urumqi periphery. When Liu Jintang led the team to invade the ancient grazing, Tso on that: this off opened, Wu Yuan, GongMiao child can not be stable anti-thief, of Bai "will flee Turpan to find the outward." Things developed as expected.

As a frontline commander Liu Jintang, both the correct judgment Tso’s do more of the right to dispose of their own ad hoc. He decided to size up the situation, "the thief Chiang Mai beans close, because there is food available, although the team has not been in place, then the division period should not begin without delay" and must attack immediately. To confuse the enemy, paralyze the enemy, Liu Jintang to send soldiers training at Fort Oasis lined up, dig a dry well, take the road to make an appearance.

Late the next day late at night, a secret march by the road straight for Huangtian. Roaring guns awakened the defenders are intoxicated dream.

Liu Jintang Rd divide our forces stormed Huangtian enemy, the enemy retreat, see Qing Unstoppable, one by one leaving baggage mad channeling, Liu Jintang life horse army in hot pursuit, leading to lower Furumaki city.

Liu Jintang ordered the soldiers to knot barrier around the city, the construction of the fort. Only three days to complete the encirclement of the city’s ancient animal husbandry, but also with artillery east and northeast of the two battlements Hong Ta.