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31 years, he finally reunited with his parents

The picture shows the court of recognition ceremony. Lingshan police is awarded that he was 2 years old. After 31 years, with the help of Lingshan and Pubei police, he returned to his parents.

When I met the moment, a family was crying, and I was a long time. I haven’t been released for a long time … Since January 2021, the Ministry of Public Security has deployed the national public security organ to carry out "reunion" action, and fully detect the abduction of children’s standards, and struggle to criminalize the trafficking of children. People, full look for missing children. Since the operation, Lingshan police have traced out the failure of the year, and have been abducted by children, and re-collected the blood samples of missing children’s parents and entered the "abducted system".

In September of this year, the police of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Lingshan County Public Security Bureau compared to the disappearance, and found a child in a couple of couples many years ago. A couple of members of Pubei County were missing for 31 years. Son wavelet (pseudonym). Immediately, the police came home to collect waves of blood samples and transferred.

After the DNA comparison, the ultimately confirmed that the wavelet was the biological son of Mr. Li.

Lingshan police immediately got in contact with Pu Bei police and organized to recognize the activities. On October 27, Mr. Li and his wife accompanied the Pubei police to the Lingshan County Public Security Bureau. At the scene of recognition, Mr. Li finally saw the son of the lost 31 years, and this has the scene. Understand, April 1990, the 2-year-old wave wave was abducted at the door of the house, and he had no news from this.

Mr. Li has also embarked on a long way to find a long way to find a long way.

Today, the expectation of more than 30 years, finally in the success of a success.

(Chen Yan, Huang Yuyu) (Editor: Chen Yan, Ye Bin) Sharing let more people see.