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Carry out the "non-agrochemical" special rectification of "non-agrochemical" "non-agrochemical"

  On October 21, the provincial government held a special rectification of the province’s "non-agrochemical" special rectification video conference call, arranged for special rectification work.

  Vice Governor Wu Guofeng attended the meeting and speaking.

He pointed out that special rectification is an important indication of the important instructions of General Secretary General and the Party Central Committee and the State Council’s decision-making deployment. Important measures are important initiatives to protect farmers’ interests and safeguard the harmonious and stable development of rural areas.

  Wu Guoji emphasized that this special rectification is three months, focusing on industrial and commercial capital, the new business entity flows in the illegal violations in the cultivated land, focusing on the illegal violation of the farmland and the permanent basic farmland, engage in non-agricultural construction, excavation, etc. "Non-agrochemical" problem; rectification in the permanent basic farmland to engage in forest fruit industry and digging pond fish, flowing farmland idle, do not develop "non-food" behavior such as rice fish, rice shrimp, rice crabs according to technical regulations; rectifying cultivated land transfer contracts Issues such as irregularities. The province’s governments should strengthen organizational leadership, pay attention to methods, and ensure that special rectification tasks are completed on time.

  Wu Post also arranges the work of autumn and winter, requiring ensuring that the province has stabilized the area of ??85 million mu.

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