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Coffee shop in the cave is a net red card point

  In the past two months, a coffee shop in Anji County, Huzhou City has become a network red card point for tourists from all over the country.

Going to this coffee shop, you need to climb the mountain road for about 20 minutes.

However, such a coffee shop hidden on the mountain, more than 400 cups of coffee can be sold daily during holidays, and more than 100 cups can be sold every day. The name of this coffee shop is also very special, called "Waterfall", located in a camping base on the Cheung Mountain, Penghu Village, Fengfu Town, Anji County.

  What attracted everyone to play cards? "Good air, beautiful environment, plus it to take very beautiful photos, so very attractive young people.

"The leader of the base is a" 85 "," after 85 "Penghu Village, he told reporters that before he took over this project, this was once a waste of 15 years. After he took hands, try to restore the appearance of the mountain, relying on The original buildings have been transformed into some public spaces, such as coffee shops, restaurants, camping spaces, family farms, research bases, etc., the positioning of the entire project is a high-altitude fake campground, providing camping space for camping enthusiasts across the country, let them Enjoy the natural gift in the most natural environment. During this year, the village suddenly looked up, the parking lot under the mountain often stopped Dangdang, the people in the village, the small supermarket also lively. Village also saw it. The future of this project has been investigated a cement forest to the top of the mountain.

  "I want to work hard through three years, collect the director of the village, go to the entire village resource, so that the beautiful country is active.

"Zhou Town is still planning to build a large scenic spot in Penghu Village. Xu Cong, secretary of the party committee of Fu Town Jinshan Yinshan "has a congenital advantage. I hope to make a village through such a project, let the people share rich. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.