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Belarus and Germany leaders call again on refugees

Xinhua News Agency Minsk November 17 (Reporter Lukin) Belarus President Lukashenko once again with German watching government Prime Minister Merkel Tong, discussing the issue of border refugees in Belarus and EU countries. According to the news released by the President of the Bai Russian website, the leaders of the two countries discussed the current border refugee issues, and some understandings were reached on how to promote relevant issues.

The leaders of the two countries said that refugee problems will be submitted to the Belarus – EU level, Belarus and the EU to determine relevant officials will immediately negotiate to solve existing problems.

The willingness of refugees travel to Germany will also be resolved.

Merkel conveyed Lukashenko to Feng Delin, Chairman of the European Commission, about the requirements of international organizations to solve refugee problems.

The two sides agreed to continue to contact to solve related problems. On the 15th of this month, Lukashenko and Merkel have called on border refugees. Recently, thousands of refugees tried to enter Poland, Lithuania and other EU countries from Belarus, and finally went to Western Europe, most of them came from the Middle East. Polish and other countries strengthen border management, strictly prevent illegal entry, leading to a large number of immigrants to stay border.

Poland and other countries accused Bai Russia to plan this crisis to retaliate the sanctions applied to Belarus in the European Union.

White is said that sanctions make Belarus unable to control immigrants.