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Poverty alleviation has become a "Chinese Mission Ambassador"

Visiting Chen (left) in the family home. The respondent was mapped to Chen Yimei two or three courses in the center of Sha Township. The rest of the time, he also had to povertect this.

After the Hammu, he found that the sanitation in the village was not very good. Some home sofa mats were dirty. Some home pot bowls were shake and poor. The health of the masses is not good to do well.

So he decided to help the masses to buy a cabinet. After communicating his ideas and village, Hamuo village passed a new rule: villagers passed health training and passed the hygiene inspection, can purchase half price to buy a wardrobe, shoe cabinet and other furniture. The villagers who are willing to participate may sign an agreement and do not reluctantly participate. According to the agreement, if the hygiene inspection is not met with more than 3 times, the village will recover the cabinet, reward the family’s progress to the health status.

For the first time, 40 households in the village have signed 19 households, making local poverty alleviation cadres. After signing up, together with other poverty alleviation cadres, make health training one by one – how to put it, how to stack the quilt … with villagers to improve health habits. After 10 days of training, the health situation in the villagers was clear. The living environment is better, and the spirit of the villagers is also new, and the township cadres have been sight and arranged and arranged in other villages to visit. After Chen Baohua, the county magistrate of Aba County, requested the practice of Hamuo Village in the county. In February of this year, my country’s decentralized battle has achieved comprehensive victory, and many of the poverty alleviation cadres will be dismantled according to the plan, and it is one of them.

For the comrades of the government, there is too much to say to Chen, but he most wants to say that it is necessary to pay attention to education, education is the biggest hope, and the most fundamental way. During the 3 years of poverty alleviation, in addition to the local children’s Chinese, they often communicate with them through various ways. For example, take the picture of Chengdu beautiful night, delicious food, tell the children, the world outside is very exciting, you have to go out of the mountain, and then fight home.