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Shandong 7 people welcoming Blizzard Jinan snowfall for 70 years old

Original title: 7 cities in Shandong welcomes the biggest look forward to the history of the history of 70 years, looking forward to the winter, the winter is as follows, and the components are very good. In the early morning of November 7, strong cold air began to affect Shandong.

Shandong has a significant precipitation weather in Shandong, and there is a rain and snow in the north of Luzhong.

As the snowfall in Shandong in the afternoon of Shandong has weakened and tends to end, the Shandong Meteorological Observatory will release the Blizzard Orange Early Warning Signals at 16. The citizens have sighs that this year’s snow is too early, too big. It is understood that this year, Shandong Province has more than 20 days earlier than all the year. "Before and after 2 o’clock on the 7th, there was already a rain in some parts of Texas and Liaocheng.

"According to the Chief Prerequisite of the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, this precipitation phase is complicated. After a process of rain, the rain is fruing, the snow is the process. The provincial meteorological station data shows that the impact of strong air is affected, starting at 20 o’clock on the 6th, Shandong Since the west, there is a significant rainfall weather. Before and after the 7th, Luxi North and Luzhong began to turn to the south.

At 20:00 to 7, 6 days, there were 110 counties (districts) in the province, and the average precipitation is millimeters, and the water volume is about 100 million.

Twin weather in 7 cities such as Texas, Liaocheng, Jinan, Zibo, 15 o’clock in the 7th, at 10 ~ 19 cm. "The first snow changed the snow" citizens have sighs, this year’s snow is too early, too big. "From the history of the history, this year, the early snow date is relatively early.

"Senior Engineer of the Provincial Climate Center said that some monitoring stations can reach three historical three, but it has not yet reached the most history.

Taking Jinan as an example, Jinan Average Snow Day is December 2nd, this snow has been ahead of 25 days in advance. According to the meteorological information record, Jinan, in 1951, in 1978, on October 27, 1978, then the following is November 2, 2009, November 4, 2012, November 7, 2012 On the day, the snow in this snow is in the fifth place.

  According to the Jinan rainwater sentiment information system, from 8:00 to 7 November 7, November 7, the average snowfall in Jinan City.

"This time, due to the good cold and air fit, the cold air intensity is large, the temperature is faster, and there is a significant snowfall, and it is also a maximum snowfall in 1951." Zhang Yongzhen, the new year of the medical station of Jinan, said.

  The snow is so early, and what is the reason is what is the reason? "The current water vapor transportation conditions are better, and there is a significant precipitation in Shandong.

"Gao Kexi said that the cold high pressure from the north is strong, and the southwest warm moisture stream is constantly transporting water vapor. The two intersections are intended to form abundant precipitation. Under cold high pressure control, the temperature is thrown, and the precipitation is mainly based on snow form, warm and humid airflow control area. The temperature has not been significantly reduced, and there is a local rain in the rain.

  As the snowfall, the snowfall in Shandong, the snowfall, the snowfall, and the provincial meteorological table dismisss the orange warning signal on the 7th, while continuing to publish the cold wave yellow, sea high wind yellow and road knot knot orange warning signal. According to the provincial meteorological platform forecast, the snowfall in the central and western parts of Shandong Province tends to end, and the rain and snow weather in the future is mainly in the peninsula.

It is expected that the day is on the day of the day to the 8th, the hot rain in the peninsula area is in the rain, the rain, the rain, the eastern part of Luxi, the eastern part of the eastern area of ??Luzhong, and the weather is cloudy. The lowest temperature on the 8th: Rouxi North and Luzhong Mountains – 7 ° C, there is a frozen; the peninsula area 0 ° C ~ 2 ° C, frost hezon; other regions – 2 ° C, freezing. Due to the low temperature, there is obvious snow covered and road icing in Rubei and Luzhong. (Zhao Zhuoqi) (Editor: Nie Jun, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.