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Sahel Five Group Summit Focus on Terrorism

Sahel Five Group Summit was held in Nouquuckk, Nouque, Mauritania.

Participants agreed to strengthen existing military cooperation and continue to fight terrorism.

The Sahal Riviera Group-Niger, Chad, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Mali, French President Markon, and the United Nations, EU, AU and French State Organization also sent representatives This meeting. France and Sahel Five Group held a summit in January this year, discussing the strengthening of military cooperation and hits the terrorism in Sahel region.

Through the measures such as troops, the joint anti-terrorism action has achieved a certain results in military.

According to the French military data, hundreds of extremists have been eliminated in several months, including the "Base" organized "Islamic Magriba Organization" header of the "Base" organized in early June. Mauritania President Ganzani said in the summit that the current military achievements are still limited.

Libya’s domestic conflict is negatively impact on the security situation in the region, and terrorist forces continue to spread in Saheler.

Ganzani also called for debt from the poorest countries in the region, because the epidemic leads to financial difficulties in all countries, will increase the difficulty of counter-terrorism. Gutrez, the United Nations Secretary-General, the United Nations Secretary, who participated in this meeting, said that in recent months, new crown pneumonia is popular, climate change, economic downturn and other factors, the security situation in Saheler is higher.

The vulnerable economic and social situation of Sahel countries were tested. Gutrez pointed out that the root cause of unstable in Saheler is regional and cross-country. Poverty, insecure, improving governance, climate change, etc., making the local security situation more degraded. At present, Sahel has spread locally, due to the lack of medical resources, new crown pneumonia patients is higher than the surrounding countries. Mali has recently been turbulent, and the Tribal contradiction is excited.

The religious extreme organizations that have been hit in the northern Mali take the price, many armed groups recruit horses, penetrate into the middle of Mali.

Salm Chernament, a French Bordeaux Political Academy, said that the current terrorist organization is integrated, trying to unify and coordinate action, this movement is worth vigilant.

Mark Lavern in the French National Research Center pointed out: "Only to strengthen international cooperation to promote regional development, it can eradicate the root causes of terrorism in Sahel region." (People’s Daily Network Johannesburg on July 5).