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The Postal Savings Bank Jiangsu Branch won the first prize of the headquarters excellent party course

Wu Zu, secretary of the Party Committee and President of Jiangsu Province, lectured the party class, "the beginning, the party is shining". The Huadi Bank Jiangsu Branch is awarded recently. In the "Relive Centennial Party Survey Red Blood" Excellent Party Class Temperature in the Postal Savings Bank, the party classes selected by the Jiangsu Branch "is unchanged, the party is shining", from The 84 party works in all lines stand out, won the first prize of excellent party courses, ranking the country first. Wu Zu, secretary of the Jiangsu Branch, and Wu Zu, who said in combination with the historical evolution and evolution of the Postal Savings Bank, and the annihilation from the Postal Ball Transfall Administration to the postal savings resumption, from the Postal Savings Bank Jiangsu Branch to the total asset breakthrough 1 trillion yuan, Jiangsu Branch’s party members and cadres employees have always adhered to the story of "worshiping concentric and continuous struggle". In the past 100 years, the bank has emerged a large number of outstanding Communist Party members, the labor model is advanced, they start unremitting pursuits in ordinary footprints, the excitement, tricks, love, hard work, and self-cultivation, in practice Strength incentives, write your own struggle on "Different Postal Saficultures" and no me to love.

It is understood that 2020, the Jiangsu Branch of the Postal Savings Bank revolves around the struggle of "striving for system first, realizing second rise", adheres to the high-quality party building leading to high quality development, clearly proposes "what is the party’s construction, high What is the quality party construction standard, what is the party building leading?

The bank adheres to the "three major laws" to find the gap with the "three major perspectives", and widely launched "a high-spirited four linkage" "three bright three-to-three evaluation", "two in two" build new work, "creation, Select, trees "excellent typical series activities, with excellent typical inspirationers, calm people, motivate people, form a strong" better than learning to help super "atmosphere, and then enter the advanced, the middle is advanced, advanced and more advanced.

The role of grassroots party organizational battle fortress, the enthusiasm of cadres and staff officials and universities continue to rise, the good political ecology of wind and gas is forming, in order to promote "striving to be demonstration, struggle, high quality development in the forefront" provides strong Assure. (Su Mingkong) (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Share let more people see.