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People’s Catalog: Let Caring Sunlight photo "Half-Day"

Original title: People’s Catalog: Let Caring Sunlight photos "Half-edge Day" Recently, the State Council issued "China Women’s Development Outline (2021-2030)" (hereinafter referred to as the outline), clearly create favorable development for women after birth condition.

It is forbidden to reduce wages due to female employees, give birth, breastfeeding, and dismiss, dismiss, and dismiss, relieve labor (hiring) contracts. The outline is based on the actual, and outlines the next 10 years of women develop a beautiful blueprint, which is a variety of women "support" in the workplace, as as a highlight, "half a day".

In reality, some companies have been taken from male employees under the same conditions of the work, promotion and even salary increase in the work of labor costs and benefits. This also leads to gender discrimination in the workplace to become an older talk, but the topic is far from time to time. Since the establishment of New China, the party and the state attach great importance to women and children and family work, and women and children have achieved historical achievements. From the constitutional empowering men and women equality, the labor law stipulates that "women enjoy the employment rights with men", and then go to the country to prohibit employment discrimination, to special employment protection for special groups, it can be said that China, women It has an unprecedented social status and extremely wide development world.

However, there is no need to say that women cannot eliminate in the short term, and they are influenced by factors such as "three children" policy implementation, and even exposed intensive slides. Recently, a news that "women who are pregnant for seven months of being persuaded" will be hot search, causing the whole people’s hot discussion, which is a miniature that is unfairly treated in the workplace. Further eliminate gender discrimination in workplace, the top priority is to support the system "protective umbrella" for women in the workplace, and build a "firewall". Among the series of regulations such as the Employment Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China, there are prohibited norms involving gender discrimination, but the current law has not explicitly defined employment discrimination and employment gender discrimination.

It is necessary to speed up the legislation, clear what rights, job seekers and employers respectively, what obligations should be taken, and what can be done, what can I do.

At the same time, explore the construction of labor public welfare lawsuits, mitigation of women’s litigation rights, and eliminate obstacles on women’s rights protection pathways. In this regard, Japan’s "Men and Women Employment Opportunities" in 1986, "Sweden promulgated" Men and Women Opportunities "and related systems issued in 1991, they are not lost as the stone of his mountain. In addition to "hard constraint", to actually eliminate gender discrimination in workplace, focusing on re-examining and improving the various measures taken by our country’s special protection in women’s employment rights, achieving "soft care."

The outline of this release, proposes 75 major objectives and 93 strategic measures, both macro-level escort, and focusing micro-human care, just soft and cultivated for equal and women’s comprehensive development. With the root of the outline, it will greatly improve the feelings, happiness and safe feelings of women.

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