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People’s Forum: Let "Communication Circle" clear and cool

"The life of the gentleman is as good as the water, the small man is gone."

"The intersection of people, there is a difficult time, the intersection of the cervical neck, is the hand, there is also the hand of Pingshui, the trend of the gain, the alcohol.

In the party, we are all comrades, and some are fortunate to become a colleague in the evening. "Tongde is concentric, with comrades." Although each party member is hobby, character, the endowment is different, but everyone is "for a common revolutionary goal." In the process of interaction, maintaining the comrades of the clear and refreshing relationship, the upper and lower relationships of regulatory torque, is not only the "wind direction" of the party organization norms and the intersection of comrades, but also the "amulet" of party members to control the relationship. However, in individual units, utilitarian interactions are very market, comrade relationships, and the upper and lower relationships become turbid. Some put the interaction is equivalent to the transaction. You cast a peach, I reported with Li; some put the comrades of friendship, the rivers and lakes, the whole day, to eat and drink, call the brothers; there is still a "relationship" "circle Culture is pushed to the ultimate, passionate about the group of group, and the one of the mountains. The shape of the relationship network is, the more the various hidden rules are, the more the liver, the liver and miles, the loyalty, the friend, the relationship between the refreshed, the interaction of the rules, the dyed, the city is qi . Mr. Lu Xun said, life circle "or a beautiful circle, or a true circle, or the forward circle." Party members’ exchange circles, especially the exchange of comrades in the party, if they are "beautiful circles", naturally in sowing and harvest friendship, can also open their own horizons and improve their taste. Once the interaction has changed, it will not only "circle" to live in his own business.

The trend is difficult, it is difficult to live;

There is a story of "Kaiyuan Tianbao Leir".

At that time, Yang Guifei’s brother Yang Guozheng was in the world, and many people turned into a lot.

Jinshi Zhang Wei not only does not climb, but also said to others: "The Lilu is a Yang Gong’s trend, leaning against Taishan; with me, it is the ice mountain.

Or the day, the mountain is a mistake. "From these annual investigated corruption cases, utilitarian interaction has become an important cause of political landslides, and the group’s corruption is also a prominent manifestation of political life in the party.

Like Zhou Yongkang, Guo Bo Xiong, Xu Caiqiang, order plan, etc. "Don’t grab it in the party, blow to shoot, Amazing" "It is not allowed to engage in hills in the party, small circles, small gangs" "No one is allowed to treat the party’s cadres as private property, party It is not allowed to engage in the relationship between personal relationships. " It is only possible to strengthen the party in a comprehensive way and cannot be weakened.

Normative and pure party’s end of comrades, no one can underestimate.

In the interaction, see the party spirit, there is discipline in communication. Let the "Communication Circle" clear and refresh, ask the party members to respect the superior but not Angqi, pay attention to the lower level but not the party branch, sincerely integrity but not interacting, consciously intended to interact, away from utilitarian, poor Passing; there is a bottom line, stay away from illegal, violations, illegal exchanges; there is a taste, away from the vulgar, kiss, vulgar, let comrades, the friendship of colleagues is true.

(Editor: Gao Wei, Qinhua).