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Russian "dagger" high supersonic flash missile shock beauty aircraft carrier

People’s Network Beijing October 28th United States About the Threat of Treatment and Deploying the Through Missile after Retreating and Deploying the Russia’s fierce reaction.

The US Fox News Network reported that the Russian party proposed the "Dagger" high supersonic missile for such a severe situation. This is undoubtedly a punch for the United States. So, what is the characteristics of "dagger" high supersonic missile? Why don’t you let the US are so taboo? Unveiling the mystery of "Dagger" has been a hot soil of high-end weapons. The "X-51A" plan for the United States has been striving to build a tree in this regard to consolidate their military hegemony. However, there is no doubt that Russia has already taken the forefront in this field. The most representative equipment is this "dagger" high supersonic missile.

As early as March 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that a MiG-31 interceptor was successfully launched by the Russian Air Force, successfully launched a "dagger" vacant high-speed missile, and hit the predetermined goal of the test base.

This is the "dagger" missile first appeared in front of the public.

The so-called high supersonic speed is to strive to complete remote strikes to the target within minutes.

As a weaponry for this, the "Dagger" missile can perform precise strikes from the target of more than 2,000 kilometers without entering the opposite air defense area. At the same time, there is also a reaction speed of the general oral cruise missile. The oral vision cruise missile attack is more than an hour outside of the target, while the high supersonic missile takes more than a dozen minutes.

This is undoubtedly a qualitative leap in this regard.

At the same time, the high supersonic missile has also reached a new height in the field of breakfighter. Existing missiles mainly rely on ultra-low-altitude flight and stealth technology breakthrough defense. Once exposed, it is easy to intercept it due to insufficient speed. The high supersonic missile is flying in high altitude. The existing interceptor does not have a technique in this highly working technology, which will not be effectively intercepted.

Precise strike, can destroy the Warranty Russian Deputy Director Yuri Borisov, said that the "dagger" high supersonic missile system equipped by modern improved interception fighters is successfully launched, which can destroy the aircraft carrier, destroyer and cruiser. He said: "This is a high-precision weapon, with multi-functional combat capacity, which can attack fixed and mobile targets.

Aircraft carrier and cruisers, destroyers, and escort warships are their potential goals. "Obviously," dagger "high supersonic missile will become a weapon for the Russian Deman American Aircraft Carrier Formation.

It is reported that the "dagger" missile is mounted by the MiG-31 fighter, and the hitting distance can reach 2000 kilometers. Future is equipped with a mobility to increase to 3,000 kilometers after the bomber of Figure -22M3M.

The combination of supersonic cruise and supersonic missile attack capabilities, even outside the aircraft carrier warning range, with multiple sound speed breaks through the defense circle of the carrier and "Aegis" ship.

Xivakov, the Russian Missile and Formula Research Institute, Xivakov, based on the calculation results, 3 maps-22m3m formation can devastate two cruisers or destroy ship formations, and the air campaign composed of multiple batches -22m3m, In the face of the 1st bus to combat the brigade, only 24 "daggers" missiles can cause fatal threats to opponents. Even if you face the two aircraft carrier, you can defeat the opponent through 72 "Dagger" missiles. This is aircraft carrier who has been dominate the sea. Reduce the gap between the parties.

Anti-ring, the new round of arms race, more intensely facing NATO continues to compress the Russian geopolitic strategy, the United States gradually gradually develops a new type of anti-missile system in the world, Russia has another way in the objective situation of insufficient military expenditure. Seeking to develop ultra-high accelerated missiles to enhance missile out-of-resistance, thereby reaching a certain level of defense in the argument of arms in the arms of arms, and even further offset a certain geometric strategic advantage of the United States.

Whether it is Russia or the United States, the arms race must not be their original intention. Instead, through the development of military technology, innovation supports the respective benefits, in the process of continuous, in the process of consistent, it has formed a positive anti-loop ring that does not have end points.

Not only the US military is the same, the game staged in the international stage is also.

This cycle may only have one, which is a disparity of the strength gap between the two parties. However, on the situation, this day is far from arriving far. For a long time in the future, the "competition" of the US Russia will not terminate.

(Gu Yuxian Qi Zhezhe Xu Xuechao) (Editor: Chen Yu, Huang Zijuan) Sharing let more people see.