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“All right,You are ready,The carrying device carries package,Try to be small,Big fly,Dongxing,If you have n’thing to do, if you are nothing, let’s help.。”Lin Feng smiled and said。

Big fly,Hong Hai,Dongxing and others heard the words。
“Where are they now??”Lin Feng looked at the East.。
“On the way,Directly go to the residence of the Nether Chintan big brother。”Dongxing explained:“The people come to the world’s new big brother Wang Meng and the world’s grand director of the world.!”
Lin Feng heard a little bit,Immediately of his figure to the sky,Then I came to the sky in the cold pool.,The sky is still standing with Sun Li Tian in the sky,White-orte-free moving figure is in the empty。
Sun Litian,White is not ridiculous and walked and walked together:“Congratulations。”
“Ha ha,Luckily。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“Elder,You can go to the wind at this time.,get ready!”
“real?Ha ha,I really can’t think of the birth year, I can go to the wind.。”Sun Li Tian Wen Haha smiled:“Can,absolutely okay,This time I also took some things.。”
“I’ll go as well!”White is dead, suddenly laughing:“I want to go to Mars,But go to the wind star first,Go to Mars,Let’s find a region first。”
“it is good,Elders,Then just fine.。”Lin Feng heard the words:“I will send you directly to Mars.,Mars is not far from the distance from the wind.。”
“not necessarily,Maybe it’s very far away.,So we have to make a large scale,What experiments don’t have to do it above?,Extract。”White is deadly,Obviously he has seen some information about Mars。
“Just follow your opinion。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Transport directly to the wind stars after mining,Create the wind star into a base belonging to our own。”
“I also suggest that we will occupy all the wind stars.,Set satellite on the popularity,missile,Don’t let any force close,Dyeing。”Sun Li Tiandao:“First establish a powerful defense system!”
“This project is probably very vast.?”Lin Feng heard the words。
“The wind stars will be out of the morning and evening.,Strive to be found before being discovered,We can build a powerful defense system,Don’t let any force close,Even the missile launch base is also established on the satellite around the wind stars,Monitor any foreign forces。”Sun Li Tiandao。
“This plan is good,After success,We basically can dominate the whole wind star,This star has become our strongest base!”Lin Feng heard the thumbs up:“I support,However, it is necessary to ask someone else to discuss!”
“rest assured,They also have this idea。”Sun Liki point。
“I fully support。”Lin Feng heard the words:“Exceptional money,It is satisfied with resources.!”
“You have to personally talk to them.,I can’t say it.,No yourself,We can’t dare to clap。”Sun Liusi laughed。
“This makes the plans of all major bases.,I am unified to convene a meeting,People in the six bases are very good together。”Lin Feng nodded。
“that’s it!”Sun Liki point:“Develop a detailed plan。”
“it is good!”Lin Feng heard the thoughts。
Just when a few people talk, Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly looked toward distant void.,His figure laughed and went up.,Sun Li Tian and the white mandate and others have also smiled.。
Always walking in the distant void,The first is the two,These two people are Wang Chao and Wang People’s Double Brothers.,After their back, follow the elders of the world。
“Wang Chao Brother,Wang Meng,Seniors,welcome,welcome。”Lin Feng smiled and went up。
“Nowadays, the Sixium Six is one of the seven continents.,Power on the dark city。”Wang Chao laughed and looked at Lin Feng Road:“Brother,Well!”
“Last time, he is in the dark city of Dafa.,People who are boiling。”Wang Shi laughs:“At that time, I didn’t get it with this six-year-old Lin president.。”
“Less,Old king。”Lin Feng smiled:“The last time I have a hurry,Wang Chao Brother,Old king,Seniors please!”
“Don’t prepare a banquet today.。”Wang Chao laughed and looked at Lin Feng Road:“We are not here today.。”
“How can this!”Lin Feng heard the words:“You come from afar,no,Must be drinking today,Drink a few cups,This is going on,I haven’t been drinking for a long time.!”
“Really don’t have it,Lin Feng,We are mainly to say this.,Last time you called the Moon Sister,The Moon Master held a plenary meeting,Let everyone vote and determines the matter.。”Wang Shi laughs:“So the result。”
“Have a result,OK。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Say,What is the result?。”
“Brother,speak out,Don’t you move?。”Wang Chao laughed and looked at Lin Feng Road:“I personally hold an objection attitude.。”
NS1023chapter Incomplete
“Opposition attitude?”Lin Feng heard the words,After laughing:“Wang Chao Brother,Can you give me a reason??”
“If the World Hongmen join the Bozhuzhou,The balance of seven continental four octaves will be broken。”Wang Chao laughed:“I think that I will be siegeed by major power.,The decisive battle of the seven continent will arrive in advance,This is not a good choice for the world Hongmen and Bozhuzhou.!”
“I want Lin Feng,You are not ready to prepare.?”Wang Zemun laughed and looked at Lin Feng Road:“Lack of the end,Always not beneficial to you。”
“indeed so,If the World Hongmen join the Bozhuzhou,Indeed。”Lin Feng heard the words:“it is good,Since this,This matter,I also a little bit when I mentioned this.。”