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He looked at Lu Weijun。

“Continental,If you have this, you kill me.。”He smiles,Stimulating Lu Wei’s anger。
Lu Weijun:“Aesthetic life,Worthless I do?”
Driver’s face is difficult,People like them,Life is indeed。
But because this,Only do you want more money to climb??
“I use behind the scenes,Change my life。”The driver is full of blood,But he doesn’t care.。
Small mix:“……”They don’t know。
Lu Weijun:“Need not,without you,I can also know who behind the scenes?”
Lu Yujun looked at Song Yu:“Take his mobile phone,Who is looking at?”
Song Yu went,Pick up the phone to fall on the ground,I saw the call history just now.。
He is surprised to look at Lu Weijun:“President,Is Ling Yumachen’s phone number。”
“what?”Lu Weijun,Obviously, I don’t think I will be Ling Yumachen.。
Lu Weijun:“Give me your phone。”
“Oh!”Song Yu took the paper towel,Pack your phone,Talented to the hand of Wing to Lu Weijun。
Lu Weijun looks at the driver on the ground,A face is disappointing,“You dialed the phone。”
Song dials the number,Soon, I am connected.:“Hey!Did things do it??”
Lu Weijun is full of anger,This is indeed a voice of Ling Yuchen.。
Lu Yujun looked at the man,Lend low channel:“Tell him that things have already been,Let him wait for you??I can spare you not to die.,Can also give you a money。”
The driver laughed.,really ,The truth is always a heartless。
He is slightly。
Song Yu put the phone before he,Driver laughs:“Completely,Video is also recorded,Come over the remaining money.,Video I will personally make it to your hand.,About a place。”
“no need,You directly pass the video to the Internet,I will give you the rest of the money.,If you dare to play a trick,I will give you money.。”
Driver listened,Confident laughing laugh:“I heard that the lady who made me arrested is the girlfriend of the President of Lu.,you say,If I tell him this thing,How is the land always??”
The driver is very smart,Talking, the other party’s seven inches。
“You bastard…” other party is silent.,Anger:“All right,Where did you meet??”
Driver laughs:“Just in the hotel near the hotel,Come here,I am waiting for you in the farmhouse.。”
“good,I came over ten minutes later.,Your move is a little。”
I hang up the other party.。
Lu Haojun is angry and hate can not tear the Lingyu Chen.,Ten minute,He is nearby。
Lu Wei’s mobile phone rang again,He takes out,Actually, Ling Yuchen came over。
asshole,I dare to call him.。
“Ling Yumachen,You dare to call me。”He is a fire。
Ling Yumachen:“Small seven,I am too disappointed with you.,We were driven out of your sister last night.,You don’t care,Small seven,Is our brother really can’t do it??”
“Ling Yumachen,You sent people to kidnap the stream,I want to ruin her.,Do you think we can do this brother??”
“Ha ha……”Ling Yuchen laughed,“Lu Weijun,This is another play of the woman’s self-directed self-directed manner.。”
Lu Weijun:“To shut up,Ling Yumachen,I have already reported.,I will let you accept the sanctions of the law.,The kidnapping has violated the law.。”
NS2431chapter Who is going to fall?
NS2431chapter:Who is going to fall?