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“Good powerful mysterious body,More exquisite than our。”Yin did not look at Wu Teng Tianzhu。

“He practice time is longer than us.,If it is normal under normal circumstances,Even the South Ming is not defeated to occupy a disadvantage,But 嘿嘿,He is destined to be extracted with God and Yuan God。”Wu Zi Tian looked at the shortage of desert, like a dead person.。
“good,Determined to fall!”Yin no tanguan gas diamond looks at the void:“This opportunity is good.,Nanming is unbeaten with this battle, can be a big exhibition,In the unstead of dead domain。”
“good,His position will be further consolidated,But rest assured,We will also have this opportunity。”Wu Zikiao has a double hand looks at the void。
“Look for opportunities。”Yin no faint sound,In fact, Wuya and his situation are the same.,Rising,Repair to become a body,Step on some of the previous boss。
These boss is like south of the south,How to get oral,I want to find a way to find a chance to make a guess,However, these strong people don’t have this too much southern production.。
“Humph,Nanming is unbeaten,I see how you resist!”Nanming flows in a gloomy heart。
“You have a little too much.,Nanming water!”Nanming a gun face gloomy passage。
“I don’t feel too much.!”Nanming water directly checks over:“I want leaders, we don’t die, you will not die.,It is necessary to show the power of extraordinary decline.!”
“But you can’t play this.,Will play people。”Nanming Rick Sea also journal:“I see how you put it.!”
“Humph,Two,How to put it without two。”Nanming flows to hear a rock。
“it is good,it is good,Nanming water,This time is it,Emperor will not forgive you。”Nanming, a shot of the South Ming, a nuts, and the two people are more gloomy.,The two big strong people are not talking。
“Don’t take you!”Nanming flows through the sound road。
“Expect the battle between the two big Xuanhuang!”Tiger Tiger in the three domain,Hem,Three big strong people in Lei Zhenhai hide each other,Their eyes are looking forward to the wilderness of the void。
“Who will tell??”Tiger。
“have no idea,It is the body of Xuanhuang.,All half-step gang,Even if there is no way to practice,But there is no overwhelming advantage。”Lei Zhenhai suddenly:“I certainly hope that our Nanming is unbearable.。”
After all, Nanming is not lost.,They have no benefits here.。
“I don’t know why,I always feel that this is unbeaten and very strange.,I think he will win。”Bloodcream。
“This is better。”Lei Zhenhai and Tiger Shunfeng two strong people nodded。
“Lin Chengwin,Do you think who will win??”Ancient Everlause looked at Lin Feng around me,His face with a smile smile。
“Ha ha,Brother,I am shallow,Where can you compare with you?,I don’t know at all.。”Lin Feng haha smiles the passage:“Of course, I hope that he will win,After all, he represents our cold.。”
“This nature,I also hope that he will win。”Ancient laughed and nodded:“But I asked what Lin brother is optimistic. Who is?Don’t humility,I am now feeling that you may not beat you.。”
When I first saw Lin Feng.,Ancient elastic is shocked,Because he felt more about Lin Feng’s mystery.。
And he also knows that Lin Feng has mastered the blood of Xuanhuang.,And Lin Feng and Nanming have been very close.,It is unbeaten by Nanming,Yin,Wuvo is strictly completed。
This intermediate association has to let ancient devil deep thinking。
Is there a three domain directly,But this is not like?After all, the family has a mysterious invincible。
And both ridiculous possibilities,That is the three of these three.,But this is almost impossible.,It may also be the relationship between cooperation,And this is even more absurd。
The creatures of the three domains are proud,Energy and people cooperate with people。
“Brother,You lift me too much.。”Lin Feng carrying hands smiles:“I said that,Of course, I hope that no brother will win.,So I am also optimistic about him.,This is confident in our cold。”
Chapter 1411 Tribute
“Ha ha,it is good,it is good,I am also optimistic.。”Ancient Law, Haha laughing:“We are the heroes.。”
“Not dare,It’s more and more emperor of the brothers.。”Lin Feng is sharp, looking at the ancient devil,He found ancient times to repair than yin,Nanming is unbeaten,Wu Zikiao is not bad,Even the breath of the boss of Xuanhuang。
“Lin Xiong said that,Let us look at the war war。”Ancient temples and laughs。
“it is good!”Lin Feng’s eyes also gathered in the void,Rubron sound in the void,It is like a thunder.,Nanming’s unbeaten figure has already greeted,Horn with a bruise。
“A little unexpected,You actually have also cultivated the vitality of Xuanhuang.。”Nanming does not defeat the wildness of the virtual:“But how is this?,You still lose under my hand。”
“Yes?”Wild no road,His breath is getting more and more horrible,The light is getting colder and cold。