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Toned,Also,“Besides,That is called summer.,It is said that it will become her bodyguard。”

Middle-aged hearing name,Say,“Miss is meaningful……”
“We have not contacted our people.,The description has been encountered。”
Liu Feifei flashed a poison in the eyes of Liu Feifei,“I am still hesitating how to deal with the guy.,Since he wants to go abroad,We just can let go of your hands and feet.。”
Baicle nodded,Sink,“Miss,That person is very bad,Still be careful,I have already investigated it.,He used to be a soldier,I suspect it should be a special forces.。”
“What is the special forces??A foreign country,Life and death are not allowed。”
Liu Feifei is more cold,“Notify this news,Let him disappear in this world。”“Yes!”
NS639chapter In trouble
Located in the southeast of Australia。
It is also the largest area in Australia.,Upper urban city。
This city has highly developed financial industry,Manufacturing and tourism。
in,World top multinational companies,Headquarters of financial institutions at home and abroad,At the same time, it is also a city for many important international sports events.。
Overall,Here is bustling,prosperity,developed。
Even from some extent,The security of the security ratio here is still worrying。
certainly,It is also so much。
Under this bustling mask,Is true confusion with darkness。
Many Chinese only have to go abroad,Can you understand how good domestic security is。 the next day。
A flight slowly landed in Shimith International Airport。
When the summer and Luo Qianjin go out from the lobby,It is a exotic scene in front of you.。
Street on the street,Young and female,all kinds。
Envoy,White skin,Yellow skin,dark skin,Brown skin……It can be described as a wide range of races。
Near the pick-up crowd,From time to time, a group of teenagers wearing sportswear,Whenever these people look at it,Those who pick up the plane will find out。
This situation is not enough,On the street in Australia,I can see drunk everywhere.,Unclear,Addict,Flying party。
If you are a person,They will be in the daytime,Robbery under the situation of security and cameras……Don’t surprise,This is abroad。
Especially those who wear sportswear,It’s even possible.,If you meet 10 million detour。 Because they are arrested,Generally, it will not take a kung。
Luo Qian Jin’s pretty face is a touch of joy,To the right,There is a male and one female two Chinese youth there.,Hold a brand of a hundred flower group。
Before going abroad,Summer this thought that Luo Qianjin will bring a team to come。
Later I learned,Baihua Group has an office office in Australia,After the discussion,Decide everything from simple。
Soon arrived,That suit youth is a respectable smile,“Luo Director,You are coming。”
“Hello Director Luo。”
Young men and women are very enthusiastic。
In the plane,Summer has listened to Luo Qianjin introduced,Baihua Group has a famous big city in foreign countries,Have a similar office。
certainly,So-called office,To put it bluntly, it is a group that collects business information.。
If you encounter special circumstances,Can fully represent the Baihua Group。
Although Zhang Wenli is a team leader,But he is far from the group’s identity and the rock。