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If this guy really promotes out,And don’t say that there will be no one will investigate yourself.,Most importantly,Today, those people are dealing with the crucial moment of summer.。

Never allow any errors。
Think here,Zhang Yunfeng immediately drunk,“Handle!Take him with him。”
Toned,Also changed,“Don’t let him run,Dead life!”
嗖嗖 嗖嗖。 Under one’s order,Take a dozen bodyguards around the summer。
They are all power to build in Zhang Yunfeng.,It’s all masters in the master.,Elite in the elite。
The four people responded fastest,Original red hand empty boxing,I have taken a Senior cold short knife from behind.。
Very fast。
One of them raises a short knife,At present, a cold light has arrived in front.。
Summer stop。
Turn around。
The corner of the mouth is outlined.。
He gambling。
Zhang Yunfeng really colluded with the guy together.。
Look up。
The sword of the sword is already attacked.。
First-handed,Already interlaced with the summer。
Time seems to be still ordinary。
This bodyguard has a sound。
Exposionally do not believe in expressions。
He slammed his neck,A lot of blood flows from the fingertips。 And his short knife,I don’t know when I appeared in the summer.,
It’s too fast.。
No one sees what is going on,This bodyguard is already a knife。
The remaining three people have arrived in front,No slightly hesitation,Waving the short knife in hand。
Summer faceless expression,No fluctuation,But a pair of scorpions have a cold light.。
In his heart,There is a fire and nowhere to vent。
This situation thoroughly stimulated his storm that he had been suppressing。
Short knife in hand is like a flower butterfly,Flying in your palm,Hold the left hand of the knife。