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There are also some strong people in chaos.,It is the peak realm in this level.。

They sit there,Even if all meet the momentum,A hint of breath,It is enough to take a heart。
without any exaggeration,Everyone here,It is a small person with the highest strength.。
This is equivalent to forty holy kings strongly gathered together.。
The first one wearing a green robes, the old, the old, and the smile stands up.。
He came to the central government,Watching everyone。 “I am a wooden。”
Self-identity,Mild smile,“Excess,Then I do not talk about it,Directly announce,Discussion via the core elderly,I announced the list of the appointment of the long-term disciples into the elderly.……”
His words cause a laughter,The head of the head is applauded。
Wood can easily,“The 12 disciples of this achievement,They are wood cliffs, respectively.、Garnitude、Flourishing、Zhou Shixi……”
“……A total of five disciples,Gogjian、Su Chan、Dragon、Tang Hao、Thousands of five disciples……”
“……Your strength is obvious,The influence of the twelve people in the tribute is not very common.,This appointment takes effect immediately,Let us congratulate these disciples。”
Warm applause,Lost old and smiling,Put appreciation to the disciples。
Although these disciples are protecting the law,But the power is also very large,Made a lot of practice resources in your hands。
It can be said,from now on,Their identity is no longer a simple genius disciple.。
But the real level。
Applause,Wood is easy to continue,“This time,We not only met the excellent disciples,At the same time witness the miracle,Lin Feng and the fish rightwest together create a mission,Have a third level,This record is within 500,000 years.,Only you have reached。”
Toned,Also,“You have got an elder glory.,But about your two specific empowerors,Due to major,Arrange the arrangement after day。”
The applause sounds again。
All listen,Lin Feng and fish right away are only empty。
That is, it is called long.。
but,Become the identity of a young generation disciple,Absolutely countless people,Empty, also let others unlimited yearning。
simply say,Lin Feng and the right weight,The resources will not be less,But don’t share the responsibility of management。
And their identity status of two,Already sitting in flatness with the elders。
Lin Feng and fish, right, see each other,Everything in the eyes of each other。
They have already expected。
Even in them,Summer is also like this arrangement。
after all,Their finish,If you control great power,That will not only cause dissatisfaction,It will also be embarrassed。 Don’t see everyone here is happy,It is very intense in private competition.。
This competition,Whether from the highest level of senasters,Still the bottom of the construct,They are willing to see。
after all,If there is no competitive environment,An ethnic group is unable to have a long time。