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Still hot。

One piece of Juo secret treasure is taken away。
The climax is one round。
Finally approached the end。
The atmosphere at the auction is also changed.。
What people are looking forward to what is expected?。
At this time,A very wide-wide long box,Bened by the two to the auction house。
The auction manager is grateful to sweeping around。
He laughed,“Even if I don’t say,Everyone wants to guess it.,Be right,Today’s auction meeting,Is a peerless day,It is named everything。”
Sound falls,More quiet in the field。
A look at the long box on the high platform。
In foreign publicity,The business will flash the words,What are you doing?、rare、The only waiting to describe。
This makes many people to know,The last pressure axis of the auction,Have a peerless day。
Now I finally see it’s true face.。
Silence,The auctioneer is powerful,Slowly,Complete the long box。
It is a knife in the box.。
This knife is about two meters long.,Top Wushu,Knife,Cold width of about half。
Knife,It’s like a film dragon scale,Overall look,Like a dragon in roaring。
Dragon tail sword,Long cycling blade,Faucet,Dragon claw wrapped around the knife。
One is concentrated on it。
only——Most people are frowning,Doubt。
If you look at the shape of the knife,It is indeed quite a momentum。
And it is very simple and old,It seems that there is a touch of faintness.。
In addition to this,No more special。
Many people exposes disappointment in their eyes.。
The pressure shaft of the Zhengtian Chamber of Commerce,So-called peerless,This is this?
The auctionet laughs,Alert,Conclusion,Various expressions fall into the bottom。
He doesn’t talk,From the storage ring,Removeed a piece of spindle with a grinding disk size,Gently put on the high platform。
Can see,This mineral ingot is extremely heavy。
When the case,The whole case is like a sink。
“This is a dry gold disk for testing skills,I want everyone to be unfamiliar.。”
Speech,The auctioneer wrist shake,It is also two meters long from the storage ring.,Half-scale heavy knife。 He holds a knife hands,Take another step,Mouse,The body is full of cold。