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Zhou Zhi quickly continued to massage her。
Red dyed this slowly explained:“MingGong is very unique,He used to be in humans、It is very unique in Tianshi.,This caused him to become a demon.。”
“Why is it different??”
“After the demon,He did not rename directly from humanity,He is still recorded by the world will,There is still a world will give him a spiritual force.,This is a privilege,Highlight his special existence and status。”Red dyeing tone is too lazy to be a charger,“You are also very special,But the difference is,He belongs to the last era,You belong to this era,You should all be unique。And he should be dead in many years ago.,But he lived to now。”
“What is the relationship between this and can’t see me??”
“You can understand,He can live it now is a drill.,So I have to zoom out。”Red dyed down the shoulders,“Don’t meet with his next meeting。”
“I see。”Nod。
“It seems that I can’t work with you every day.。”Order will throw the fruit core into the trash can,“Otherwise, Ming did not dare to come to me.。”
“You still have to protect the turnover。”Red dye open your eyes aimed him,“I can arrange a time next time.,Let you meet with Ming Gong, you should also see it.。”
“real?”It’s calm down.。
“Do you say that you can’t meet??”Zhou。
“In the world,The impact of your world will will be weak,In some special places,Weakly。”Red dyeing explanation,I smiled and said to the turn.,“Take you to see our world,Be beautiful。”
“But there is still an impact?”Zhou。
“Have,Be prepared。”Ding dye parns for a few seconds,Talented,“Ming Gong’s time may not be much。”
“How can it be!?”
Zhouzhi people can not understand,槐 is very shocked。
This red dyed a few seconds,Heard:“Still because you,Your birth、Your growth,Both forcing the world will clear the Ming Gong of the previous era,Patch this vulnerability,Ming Gong also can’t support it.。”
This sentence is obviously to Zhou。
Open your eyes and aimed at the eyes,She exposed a smile:“No need to be sad,I have chatted with him.,He is not a person who is a lifetime,More than two thousand years of life has made him difficult to endure,He doesn’t like this life.。More than a decade of the new era,He is not in the same way as the world.,The pressure of the tolerance is that you are unimaginable.,Even unhealthy considering other things,I can’t tell him.,Be relaxed。”
槐 has been widened,The whole person is very sluggish。
Zhou Zhi also consciously stopped the action on his hand,Some confusions in the mind,了 了:“Unexpetent”
“No wonder?”
“A few days ago, my friend said,Minggong went to see them,Some strong。”
“He is a bit anxious。”Red dyeing,Rapida wants to be clear,“He thinks you are a group of hair poses.,More young,In fact, it is not brave.,Ignorant,Scared you is the fastest and effective way。He is a person who has to chat with chicken in advance and chicken.。”
Zhou I want to think,If you die in Ming Ming,Once there is a young teacher, I don’t know if I know.,Make some exquisite things,Causes all the anger of the monster country,It is estimated that it will be used in the excuse.,In turn,Probably the result of the island bombing pearl port。more than this,Maybe their behavior is under the intentional guidance of the exmontichor,Wenmed as an overthrobe、Trigger the chess pieces of war。
And now the war,Human wins too low,Even if Tech is so developed, it’s really like it.,This is the protection of the human side。
At this time,Ding dyeing also took his hand:“How to stop again?Is it worried that you will slaughter you for his teacher??”
Toned and said:“Then you have big,Because I don’t worry。”