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Chu Deirers are shocked,Look carefully to see Yin Zhiping,Confident that he is just a normal assessment,It’s not to find the selfishness of the Chu Deirers.,So shake the head:“Do not,Length of the punctuation may cultivate,Could not mind、For your own desire is too indulged,It’s not necessarily a good thing.。”

Yin Zhiping did not doubt what,After all, Chu Deirers are willing to《Congenital strength》Complete teaching to him,Also meticulous explanation,If you want to come, there will be no reasons to break the teacher’s brother.,So thinking in my heart,In the future, you should advise the brothers.、Supervise。
After all, he and the disciple of the Hillside.,Especially he is very martial arts、After the midwife is disappointed,志 丙 is the most important disciple of Qiu Pai!
“The kuji is really busy,I came back and went again.?”The Chu Deiren was originally wanted to take the opportunity to explore it.,处 机 and Jiangnan Seven strange gambling,How many years ago。
However, Yin Zhiping said at this time.:“kindness,Master received a troubled brother outside outside,Recently……Cough,nothing……”
Yin Zhiping quickly jumped through topic,Chu Deirers have vaguely guessed some。
Chapter 130 Gueling essentials
“This is very embarrassed,《Congenital strength》Originally, it is the mother of Chongyang.,I am just a thing that is the original owner.……How to drive all true teachings《All true》and《Full sword method》Woolen cloth?”Chu Deirers are very embarrassed to have passed the secrets of Human handed over。
Ma Wei also smiled——This few days of the Chu deer is always awkward.“《All true》Base,But it is best for making the foundation”、“Full-real-building”、“I am the foundation is too bad.”……
I don’t hear it.,Very difficult!
and……When will I give you《Full sword method》Yet?
“Clear,Go《Full sword method》Also taking a copy。”Ma Yu does not move the colored three generations of disciples。
Anyway, it is just some martial arts.,When Zhao Zhi, Zhao Zhi, Zhao Zhi, is,Also taught him the swordsman,Just don’t teach how to do、Even if you don’t teach how to recognize an acupuncture。
People who can see themselves《Jiuyang God》Secrets,That is his family’s family,Basic things understand,Yang over Taohua Island,I only learned the historical set.,I don’t practice the martial arts.,Rural understanding,How can it be able to practice a famous temple with an expert??
Zhao Zhijing is purely for the whole person,Can give this sword to Yang。
There is also Ma Yu Chuan Guo Jing,Also do not have a formal teacher name,Will《All true》Taught out……
Chu Deirers these Tian La Lao,Crazy hint,Ma Yu also did not have two basic courses of the whole real sent。
After this, this heart and swords,The Chu Deiren was originally wanted to take a few days.,Look at the South Mountain,Will“Full sword method+Jade vein heart sword law”、“All true+Jade”fusion。
The first two is based on Chu Deirers.,It has been able to see that there is a cooperation between each other.,Climbing shadow。
only……Chu Deirens will be left-handed、Right-handed,Practice the curls,Taking his current control,Left hand draws a dragon、There is no problem with the right hand painted.,However, it is still unable to use different swords.!
After all, from the way of force,Running to the operation in the meridians,Sound different、Even conflict,It is not a heartbeat, you can use different martial arts.。
Zhou Botong can really do,That explains this large river“Left and right patron”There should be another mysterious。
Chu Deirers also didn’t want to hit the double sword at this time.,But I want to integrate,Maybe“Miracle”,After all, two swords“compatibility”Can not be a general high。
Aspects of internal strength,Chu Deirers also hesitate——《Jade》It is the peak of Lin Chao Ying.,and《All true》Just after Wang Zhongyang martial arts,For the disciple,A basic skill that carefully organizes the compilation。
Simply speaking from the extent,《Jade》Far away《All true》,However, considering the special relationship between Wang Chongyang and Lin Chao Ying,Chu Deirers still decided to try it。
One is two“Incubation”、A“Guardian”,Indeed in mutual compensation,Two is also the Chu Deirers want to be a“Integrate”Essential experiment……
However, the Chu Deirers have not completely adjusted the status.,Both heart methods、Two swordsmanship,I heard that Yue Yue Yue couples invited to Mountain in Wulin.,Decided to chase Tian Boguang、Message for mulct to martial arts!
Yue does not need to promote,Therefore, this news is not hidden.,And Changan said that the whole real distance is closer……
Although everyone knows now,The whole sentiment does not dare to have too much action,But Yue is not a group to come here.,Give a greeting with Chongyang Palace。
Therefore, the Chu Deirers know that the news is very early.,The special trip has Huashan disciples to Chongyang Palace.,Chu Deirers have heard。
Macao will naturally not have any opinions,Instead, thank you for your head.。