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Zheng Yu Lan:“He’s not in now,He went to fish,I went in the morning.,I haven’t come back yet.。”

Toned,She said:“Do not worry,He will avoid you。His reaction is very fast,Can’t hit。”
“fishing?Where is fishing??”
“Sundashi。”Zheng Yuedan quietly looked at her expression,I thought about it.,“It’s not early now.,Should call him,Otherwise, he may not come back at night.。”
“He likes fishing?”
“Should not catch,Be embarrassed。”Zheng Yuchi low-headed mouth,She is always looking to wear。
“Are you going to call him??”
“I will also go see。”Nan Ge Horse。
“I am coming too。”Zhou also said。
So the three people go out and go out,Yin and Yang Temple dogs have separated half of the dog hand all the way to protect them。
Going to the right is the direction of Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge today.,Creek is on the left,It is the direction of Zhou Zhi and Zheng Yu-blue paste.。It’s another road to the cliff side.,Looking far away from danger,If you approach, you don’t feel dangerous.。
Nan Ge quietly looked at Zheng Yuki。
Zheng Yuki is also very stable。
Interesting is Zheng Yizhang’s raising side animal husbandry and Demu。They both be very close to the three people,Nan brother can’t hold your hand,Slightly flowing a flowers, the kung fu is falling in Zheng Yuki and the left,They both quickly ran over and urged Nan Ge.,Let her follow up,Don’t leave。
This is a narrow road,When the road is wide, they will let three people take a piece.,Unrecognized。
“Wow!A lot of sheep!”
“Still a sheep!Sheep is delicious,Our rural areas are mountains.!Are you eaten so much??”
Nan Ge started launched again。
Wiring into the woods,Can you hear the stream,Take more,Just see the flow of the running flow.。
There is a stream in the middle。
The stream is from top to,Since then。
Clear and wearing a big cloth,Hold a bamboo pole,Sitting on a stone with moss,Be like an entry,Running the wind blowing and stimulating in the stunning,Only focus on the water surface of the squatting。
The surface of the water drops some dead leaves,Also shake。
Side put a bucket。
Zhou Zhiyi,There are only three fish in the bucket.,The biggest owed to three fingers。
This is Xi Tan,Not a river pond,The fish in the stream is very difficult to grow.。Zhou guess they only eat such a big fish in previous years,I have a lot of more than a year.,This year may be yourself and Nan Ge.,Qinghe and Zheng Yizhan want to cook a few big。
Nan Ge is afraid to hit the clear and,If you are old, you will follow your body.,She looks at the stream of Tanshui and look at the stream.。
“Not caught!”she says。
“Small,How much can’t we eat?。”Zheng Yinchi is clear and said,“Go back.。”
“let me do it!”