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“But that person’s strength is really terrifying,Just one change,He directly hit the black evil ancestor god。”

“indeed,It is definitely an existence beyond the pinnacle of the ancestor god,Do not lose as a master of formation,It’s a pity that I offended the World Realm Power,I’m afraid I will be hunted down as soon as I leave the cave。”
“What about the great power of the world,That fellow Ming Dao is a master of formation,There is no need to go out to practice combat。”
“Right,Stay in the rented cave,Absolutely safe。At least the Wind Beast Mountain Lord would not offend Tianqiong Sect in this way。”
“Rent a cave,That is also to consume Chaos Spirit Liquid。”
“Don’t know,That person is the one who refines the formation,Refining some formations and selling them at will are worth dozens or hundreds of Chaos Spirit Liquid。”
“so many?”
And among these ancestors,But there are two ancestors communicating。
“Junior Brother,Our plan,Isn’t it necessary to invite an ancestor god or ancestor who is good at formation??Look at this‘Ming Dao Ren’how is it?”Petite woman,Silver hair,Dressed in black,A blood-red lotus mark on black。
“Sister,The magic weapon of this Ming Taoist is extremely terrifying,And I heard that I am also proficient in refining formations—But good at these two types of methods,But not necessarily good at cracking the prohibition。”The burly youth is also in black,Red lotus mark,On tolerance but quite calm。
These two,A woman is a first-class ancestor,The burly youth is the ancestral god,And the breath is stronger than the normal ancestor god。。
“More importantly,That Ming Taoist offended the Wind Beast Mountain Lord of the World Realm,I’m afraid I would dare to leave the cave in a short time。”
“It’s just a chaotic fairy,Uncle Master shot him and drove him away。”
“Don’t underestimate that Wind Beast Mountain Master,He is usually quite low-key,But in terms of difficulty, I’m afraid it’s not much worse than Master Uncle。”