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“The son is not intended to stay in Beijing.?”Small frost surprises。

“Never plan,what happened,You don’t want to go?”
“no,Where is the son?,Where will I go?。”
Xiaofeng shook his head,I feel that I feel secretly for Fujia sisters.,I can’t help but ask after a moment.:“Son,Two young ladies in the government have sent you deeply,what’s your plan?”
Small frost nodded,Liao Wenjie dine,Back to your house to pack your baggage,Half time,Carrying a small bag, leaving the Shangshi House with Liao Wenjie。
Two people will take a fast horse,Out of the city,Liao Wenje’s reins stopped in a hilar tree。
He took the waist of the small frost,Laugh:“Let you pack your baggage,How do you turn out of Miss people?,Shang Shu people know,Today’s child,I am not a national wanted committee.?”
Xiaofeng back to Liao Wenjie,Just feel leaning against the stove,It’s comfortable to keep warm.,I didn’t pay attention between Liao Wenjie between the confused.,Nodded as a response。
Not in a moment,Two fast horses arrive,Fu Qingfeng and Fu Yuechi are all negative swords,See Liao Wenjie waiting,The face is not awkward。
Feelings this kind of child looks for a road to go to black,Don’t hesitate,Especially the face,Must be thick,Do you want to。
This is before going out,Fu Tianril tells them。
“Breeze,Moon pool girl,Will go out so early,Have you greeted a good person??”
Liao Wenjie smiled and greeted:“If you forget,I can send two times.,Solve the privileges, do not think about the injury and the body。”
“Thank you for your concern。”
“Two years ago and greeted with you.。”
“This way.……”
Liao Wenjie is difficult,After the sigh,Hilarious:“Hydrology,Freedom is used,Bao Mun two girls are gratum,If I push three blocks,Some too much to work。”
“The mean of the son is……”
Two women’s face,Listen to this,Under their persistent efforts,Liao Wenjie finally served soft。
“In this way,Let everyone go with it together.。”
Fu Qingfeng and Fu Yuechi heard the big joy,Ask Liao Wenjie to go to the next stop?,Get an answer from Lan Ruo Temple, Guo North County。
He has seen Yan Baxia、Cui Jin gradually,Ning Caichen said nothing, you can’t fall,If you pick up your child,Recently there is Yan Chigeri Tiger,Want to do things,Go to find you can play after a while。
“I plan to fix the Lan Ruo Temple.,Establish a practitioner,It is far away from Jingshi Road.,Fu Diren has high,I am willing to join the two practice.,There is a day to learn the imperial surgery,Also eliminate the bitterness of thinking。”Liao Wenjie said。
Lushan there is no white walking,Started with a few good practice cheats,Among them, advanced cheats suitable for women’s practice,Practice speed has a thousand miles,It’s enough to let Yan Chixia suspect life.。
But everything has two sides,The practice of the practice of Lushan is very powerful,Strict requirements for heaven and earth aura,Non-Spiritual,It is the fairy,It is difficult to practice the law of the landscape.。
Here,Liao Wenjie has a way to solve。
Good thoughts have been integrated into the mountains and rivers,His Yuanshen also went into this world,It is not difficult to divide a spiritual flow to Lan Ruo Temple.。
Strictly speaking,Restarting the world of the world,He also has some small permissions to the world.。
That is, I pulled Yan Baxi top pot.,Otherwise, his end is the king of hell,Become this kingdom,Honor,Lose weight。
“Son,Society,Can you fly??”
Small frost:“Can I learn??”
“Not just flying around,As long as the practice is,Also keep youth,Always young and beautiful.!”
Three women nodded,They have long wondered,I haven’t found the right opportunity to find the right。
As for the Youth Youth……
unimportant,In the end,Everyone has a dream in plugging wings,They are no exception,I want to learn the sword flight.。
“Liao Gongzi,You tutor us to practice,To be……Do you want to make a teacher??”Fu Qingfeng asked the key issue。