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Chen Xiu hasn’t said anything yet,Mo Taicong crashed like a tank again。

Chen Xiu issued hand knives again and again,It’s just that the sword qi slashed on Mo Taicong’s body just like a breeze passing by。
“Lying,Don’t say watch for five minutes,30Can’t stand it in seconds,How to do!”
Chen Xiu can’t help back,Waving the knife again and again,It’s just that Mo Taicong is less than ten meters away from him,I’m about to hit。
“Mahogany nailed him!”Zhu Huiwei clutched his broken rib on the ground and shouted。
“Yes indeed,Even if he becomes a tank,Also zombie,Zombies are afraid of peach wood!”
Chen Xiu raised his left hand,Ten mahogany nails thrown out,It hit Mo Taicong’s chest firmly。
Logically,Ordinary zombies must have come out after being hit by mahogany nails,Mo Taicong’s wound just shed some green fluid。
797 Nine Grade Sword Qi
Chen Xiu shouted loudly:“The mahogany nail can’t break his defense,How to do?”
Zhu Huiwei was broken and fell to the ground,Thought to myself:“I have lost my life,How do i know what to do!”
Of course you can’t say this,That would hurt morale too much,Chen Xiu is done,The next one must be myself,Had to shout:“Hit him with Jipin Zhenqi!”
“Does it work?”