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Chapter 288 Western magic

Chu Deirers have also found,Best of the Ouyang Feng’s pre-judgment,Slightly lower……
Ouyang Feng’s strength,Not weaker than Liu Sheng, but Malaysia,and“Spell”More than Liu Sheng,This is still the case where he is not poisonous.!
Ouyang Feng,Also secretly surprised,Can’t think of this,Twenty years old can already be born with their own cockroaches.?
Even three-in-one 蛤 弹,I didn’t hurt the Chu Deirers.,I can continue to recruit myself after seeing him.,Ouyang Feng dark,Be afraid……Disinfection,I don’t dare to say stable.,At least dare not say that he can leave him!
certainly,This is Ouyang Feng, I don’t know that Chu Deirers are consuming fusement.、Such a state can’t last longer。
If it is poisonous,And don’t say face problems,More importantly, he came this time to draw a yellow pharmacist.。
If the Chu Deire is really the relationship with the yellow pharmacist,I pulled my face,What is the benefit??
But just at this time,Ouyangk is on the side,Darkly,Suddenly blowing a special snake flute!
Ouyang Feng immediately discovered,I quickly called my head.:“Gram,and many more!”
But it is still a step later.,Only one piece、Do not,Be a head……Strong to one person is afraid to have a hug,Liang Zhun’s treasure snake meets,It is also a big python who sees the big snake.,Suddenly drill from one side……
Chu Dee people see this size,It is also a scalp.!
Chu Deiren quickly retreated while,Ouyang Feng also sent a neck and cold low horses against this giant.,Then the giant pyth is slightly honest.,Ouyangk is just drinking,At this time, I don’t dare to continue to blow the snake flute.。
Speaking of such a big snake……
Don’t be a white hill, in actually in Hogworth?
Be wrong,Not this direction,Speaking of such a big snake……
“Mr. Ouyang,Still a happy king?”Chu Deiren immediately reacted。
Before the Chu Deirers feel,Ouyang Feng is strong than imagined,Pick up,Just encountered cultivation when Lin’an“East”Fusuanese,Therefore, I will think of it soon.“Western magic”!
The happy king of the year,There is“Snake”Huge pyth,It is said that I was later taken by Zhang Sanfeng.,Status in Wudang Mountain——Chu Deirers also associate,“Junior Zhang Sanfeng”Plot,Indeed some events,But there is also a lot of sorry.,Such as Zhang Cuishan、Song Duanqiao’s age……
But these are the sub-branches,After all, it is so long before.——Lao Zhang is still a teenager,That’s almost a hundred years ago.!
It’s just that the Chu Deiren didn’t think of it.,Also is the Western Region、Also is Ouyang Feng, playing snake,Actually got some of the inheritance of some happy kings。
I thought about it.,Not only giant,Very likely his《蛤蟆》,Also mixed part“Western magic”Improve。
“Happy king?Ah,Wudang is also a Shaolin Yuli??”Ouyang Feng disdain。
Obviously in Ouyang Feng,I have absorbed part of the inheritance of the joy.,After that, it will be discharged.……
Chu Deiren looked at this big snake,What does this big snake seem to feel?,The eye is flipped on the eye,Vertical pupil stares——According to the visual visual of the snake, it should just talk about,However, the Chu Deirers have clearly stared at this time.,and……Feel this is not a goodwill!
Ouyang Feng touched the top of the big snake:“Do you have eaten 异 种 类?It doesn’t like you very much.。”This is obvious to the Chu Deirers。
Since Ouyangk believes,This giant can help Ouyang Feng,That everyone is obviously not dealtling,When the Chu Dee is hesitating,Several stone beast next to,That is also sliding along the hidden track.,Interlaced with the Chu Deirers in the back。
And out of Huang Rong sound:“Ouyang Boqi, if it is iron, he wants to make a wicker,The younger generation also had to lose your door.、Not reception!”
Chu Deirers heard this,Also refund two steps,Inside the door,Sure enough, the strange stone in the door、Odd flowers,All shake,Chu Deirers“Tibetan”Got up,Then the gate is also automatically closed.。
When I stepped into Taohua Island,Chu Deiren found the extraordinary of the Qimen Array。
Original Chu Deirens have long known,In this large rivers and lakes,Organism、The like of Qimen Array is also very powerful,After all, martial arts strengthen many,organ、Qimen is too weak and does not play a role,And like Wei’s no teeth,But it is possible to compare a peerless master。
But it is only limited to“knowledge”,There is no really visible——The most is the organ in the tomb,It is very delicate,But there is no exacerbation of too strong aggression。
Those who know these are very few people.,It is even more rare to be high-profile.……
Peach forest in the peach flower island,It is a real array itself,With the ability to disturb the heart!
The original Chu Deirers are still strange,Why does Taolin can trapped martial arts??And don’t talk about logging,How do you succumbate?,Directly,It doesn’t get it in the crown.?
However, the Chu Deirens really tried it.,I understand why everyone don’t have this way.……
Make a light job、Flying back,The effect of disturbing the heart,Entering a peach petal,Even the true gas is faintly walking,Unconsciously fell back!