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Zhou Ye turns the chair,Face toward Chen Riyuan,If you think,His heart guess is to return to Tianfeng’s time in advance??

This is a good news.,Still a bad news?。
Yu Shiya、Luo Bing and Ma Baobang also turned the chair to surround Chen Riyuan,Everyone has a thought。
“Source brother,Don’t sell Tatrais,Say directly。”Sun Jun and Hu Yu have some can’t wait to know that it is a message.。
Chen Riyuan also deliberately maintaining a mysterious generally selling a close:“Would you please guess it??”
Sun Jun:“Source brother,You will also play slides.,I don’t guess,I don’t guess,I want you to tell people.。”
Hu Yu:“Sun Jun, do you want to face?,Do you think yourself Loli?,Do you speak this??However, you will directly meet the requirements of Sun Jun.,Don’t look at his old face。”
Zhou Ye、Luo Bing、Yu Shi Ya and Ma Baofang,Did you show your laughter,Everyone has a smile in his mouth.,It is amused by the director of Sun.。
At the high visitor level,The director of this old urchin is also Sun Jun.,“Human live treasure”,This is the outer number of Yu Shiya.。
Chen Riyuan haha laughed。
Since this Sun Jun is so designed to seek knowledge,Then he nature is not good to cover up.。
After all, Director Sun has already finished a wave of little loli.。
Can you bother his face?。
Chen Riyuan is also accepting it.,Intooted it directly.:“Ok,Since Sun Director has spoken,Then I said。”
The atmosphere of the doctor’s office is nervous.,Everyone has erect ears。
Is it a good news?,What is bad news??
These two questions are like a fog,Envelop on the brain of everyone,If people can’t wait to make clouds,Know the truth as soon as possible!
Next,Chen Riyuan clearly clear,The expression has also become serious and serious。
He looked at everyone,Slowly:“This worship begins,New diagnosis case in the country is only121example,Add suspected case123example,National confirmed cases in the country30004example,Accumulate47204example,Accumulated report diagnosis80151example,Existing suspected case587example,The epidemics across the country have been controlled.,Especially Wuhan,The diagnosed cases have become less diving!”
Hear this data,Really laughing。
This is undoubtedly a top good news.。
Since the beginning of Wuhan, I started to now,Chen Riyuan led the anti-hypog team to continue to fight for more than two months,The dawn of the victory is finally ushered in!
“But just as the state,One day has not been a full victory,Uncomfortable,Be sure to bite your teeth,Don’t lose money。”Chen Riyuan added another way。
When you hear this good news,Almost all brains,I am excited to say that I can’t say it.。
Chen Riyuan continues:“There is a good news,That is, now the country has been unsealed.,Tianfeng’s epidemic situation is under the leadership of the Health and Health Committee,First get control,Since a few days0Case diagnosis,We are getting closer and closer to the days to go home.。”
Hu Yu heard it home.,Suddenly:“I can finally go home to see my wife and children.,They call me every day.,I hope I will go back early.。”
Sun Jun is also an anti-neutral,Get up:“My wife is also old reminded me.,Ask me that I’m dead,Hahaha,I am afraid that I will donate for the country.……”
Exchange a good book pay attention tovxthe public 【】。Now pay attention Cash red envelope!
Although Sun Jun said to be a joke,But it is also very hard sour。