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“Yang Da Ge,I didn’t let you endure,But this thing I don’t recommend you kill him.,But I suggest”This is halfway,Li Hui Feng suddenly saw four weeks,I found that there is a monitor,Then he feels that he feels that he should also have it.,When you attach the light of Yang Li’s ear:“I suggest that he is not as good as death.,How is Yang Da Ge feeling??”

How can this matter??”
“Hey-hey,As long as Yang Da has listened to me,I will make this possibility.。”
Li Hui said that this is very confident when this is said.,It is this self-confidence that let Yang Li have a little trust.。
“Row,I’ll listen to you,After all, you have this matter.。”
“Hey-hey,That line,Let’s take a laugh together.,After all, this matter may be the shadow of her life.,So many people look here,Although there is a heart, who is willing to memories at this time??”
Although Li Hui does not know anyone, I will give Yang smile.,But he knows the best way this time is not letting each other to recall.,I want to think about these things.。
Yang Li also feeling that Li speaks from the wind.。
“Row,Lee Boss,I believe in this matter.,But the small animal is not necessarily a retribution,I still will kill him.。”
“Hey-hey,Yang Da Ge,I also want to kill him.,But I killed him, I don’t want you to commit crimes.,After all, I also have seen it.,So beautiful girls are not protected.。”
While talking,Li Hui has directly taken out the smoke and then handed Yang Li.。
“Let’s come one.,I don’t smoke this, I will accompany Yang Big Brother today.。”
Yang Li listened to this,For the first time, I took the smoke.。
Li Hui rushed to Yang Li,At the same time, I also sucked up.。
Although it is the first sucking,But the feeling of cooling the silk to the silk is also shocked.,At the same time, some understand why many people can’t stop smoke addiction.。
Because this feels very comfortable,not bad。
Yang Li sucked a bit,It also feels that there is some feeling.,But the impulse that I want to kill Tian Shier is not reduced.。
“Let it go,Yang Da Ge will take a smile first.,I went to see the little animal.。”
“I am with you.,By the way, I also want to listen to what the child wants to say.?”
Li Hui listened to this, quickly let Yang Li canceled this thought。
“You still don’t want Yang Da Ge.,I am afraid that you are impulsive.。”
“You are laughing at the bus now.,Then bring back to our village directly.,When I came to find someone to give the guidance,May not use。”
Chapter 466, Show Help
“Forehead!There is also this talent in the village.?”
Although Yang Li knows that Li Hui Feng is relatively wide,But but I didn’t expect Lianhua Village to have such talents.。
“Hey-hey,Not this aspect,I just want her to know that in addition to this matter.,Life is still early,At least to give her hope,Otherwise I am afraid that your daughter can’t think of it.。”
This analysis of Li Hui Feng,Yang Li also nodded。
Song Ting has been waiting outside the door with a few colleagues.,She is also a little worried that Li Hui’s bottom can persuade each other.。
After all, all the consequences have been told Yang Li.,But Yang Li seems to look for a rib.,That is the youth who bullied his daughter must die.。
When the door opens a moment,Song Ting saw that Li Hui Hui took the smoke with Yang Tie.。