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Ancient marching war,For fear of being intercepted by the enemy,The coach will have his own codebook。

It’s actually very easy to operate,The coach only needs to unify a set of books for himself and his staff,Such as《the University》or《Book of Songs》。At that time, just write a string of numbers in the documents,For example“three、six、nine”,Is the third page in the book,Sixth vertical、The ninth word。
This method has been used by all military forces since the Spring and Autumn Period、Family use,The simplest and most effective,That’s why most of the text passwords in World War II later used this method.。
The Jinyiwei of the Ming Dynasty also used this method most often。
“Maybe the average Jinyiweizhi
268 Undercurrent
“It seems that Liao Wen has to be resolved quickly,Go back to Anshan and find Chen Xiu。Or I did so much for nothing,It’s all cheaper, Chen Xiu!”
Gu Hua made up his mind,I told the phone:“You continue to inquire about Chen Xiu in Anshan。But be careful,That guy Liao Wen must still have eyeliner in Anshan。You must not be discovered by him!”
After Gu Hua hung up,,Said to the driver:“Turn north,Slow down!”
The assistant sitting in the co-pilot turned his head and said in surprise:“Gu Shao,You are planning to introduce Liao Wen into the desert and set him up?”
Gu Hua bite