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The three big men around are like watching western scenery,Everyone’s jaw movements are uniform,Especially You Shilong almost slobbered。In this collection of men,Such a situation is rare,Especially those in car dealers,Three years of oppressive and miserable life,I seem to have forgotten that there is a way to express feelings in life。

Zhu Lei’s response is quick,He walked two steps and blocked You Shilong,“Don’t be rude,Go back to talk。uncle,You see how old you are,Let’s take the lead。”
“Fuck you……But it does,Back home,Back home,Don’t bother with your uncle。”Hai bald touches bald head,Grabbed You Shilong and turned into the house,Zhu Lei will follow behind,Don’t forget to look back again。
The yard is quiet,Li Tianchou felt that Xiao Song seemed to have stopped crying,But still holding him and not letting go,Suddenly embarrassed。
I missed in my head just now、happy、Guilt and other emotions are intertwined,Then released,Li Tianchou couldn’t help himself。Now gradually calm down,It feels like this is not appropriate,In terms of etiquette, we should also see Uncle Geng first,He patted Xiao Song on the shoulder,“Is Uncle Geng awake??Take me to see him。”
Xiao Song was shocked,It’s also an embarrassing reaction,Even more intense。While she looked up,Pushed Li Tianchou away,A bit shy in panic,I quickly looked around before calming down。Her eyes are slightly red and swollen from crying,There are still tears under her cheeks,Beautiful in the morning breeze。“Uncle has to sleep a while,Go in first。”After speaking, he turned around and went back to the house。
Li Tianchou stood there for a while in the courtyard,About to take a step,Hear footsteps behind,Turning to see it is Peng Weihua。The rogue master smiled but not smiled,The stride is slightly dragged,Take a closer look,He has bark tied to his waist,Nondescript dressing,Suddenly remembered the scene of being stripped of pants just now,Can’t help laughing。
“Laugh,Master shame, do you have a lot of face?I’m paralyzed for a while, let you see my methods。”Peng Weihua gritted his teeth and glanced into the room,Suddenly laughed thiefly again,“it’s actually very good,My old girl has been entrusted for life,You have to work hard,Master is supporting you。what?What’s wrong,The relationship here is a bit messy……”Peng Weihua walked into the house,I got a headache while talking to myself。
In this situation,Li Tianchou obviously didn’t dare to speak up,God knows what the rascal master will say in his mouth,Just follow behind and enter the room without saying a word。
Everyone sits around a table,No one dared to make jokes under the deterrence of Bald Hai,But the eyes of Li Tianchou and Xiao Song are still strange。
“Hi Uncle Hai。”Li Tianchou greeted loudly,I ignored everyone’s eyes。And Xiao Song poured tea for everyone without saying a word,So I went for breakfast with Uncle Hai’s wife Zhang Luo who just got up。of course,Before going out, I didn’t forget to step on Peng Weihua.。
In the strange cry of Peng Weihua,Everyone’s emotions finally become active,After trying to suppress her voice and scolded,Hai bald child has spoken,“Don’t be noisy,Serious。It’s a happy event that Xiao Li can come back safely,Wait for the boys to come back,I propose a drink,How about celebrating?”
Hai bald’s mind is straight,The intention is to draw everyone’s attention,No need to quarrel about trivial matters,Affect Uncle Geng’s rest。But I didn’t expect that this proposal would touch everyone’s heart,Cheers immediately。He immediately got angry,Want to shoot at the table and curse,But suddenly I saw Xiangdong with a walking stick standing at the door and he stopped talking。