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It’s today,Lin Yoona realized that her husband was such a good person。

And more often,Lin Yoona is regretting,I regret that I ignored such an excellent husband for so many years,See how stupid I really are。
For Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona,,Tonight is undoubtedly the happiest night since the two of them got married。
because,The two of them tonight,It’s really like a real couple,Holding hands,Go shopping,Talk heart……
Really don’t be too happy!
“Xiao Fan,Let’s go eat!”Lin Yuna finished saying this,He pointed at a restaurant not far away and continued to Xiao Fan:“look,There is a restaurant there,Looks pretty good!”
Xiao Fan looked in the direction of Lin Yuner’s finger,There really is a restaurant,and,indeed,Look from outside,Really pretty good。
“Let’s go!”Xiao Fan said。
At this moment,Suddenly a cold wind blows,Lin Yoona clasped her shoulders unconsciously,“so cold!”Lin Yuna said。
Xiao Fan really wants to be at this time,Take off a piece of clothing and put on Lin Yoona,But helpless, I only wore one piece of clothing。
Xiao Fan didn’t expect that the night at Windbell Island would be so cold,Xiao Fan couldn’t help but blamed himself。
“Yoona,go,Let’s go back to the hotel and get a coat,It’s not far away anyway。”Xiao Fan said。
Lin Yuna glanced at the direction of the hotel,Then she frowned and said to Xiao Fan:“Don’t,I won’t go back,I’m so tired!How about it,Go back to the hotel alone to get it,I’m here waiting for you!”
Xiao Fan glanced around uneasy,Said:“Don’t let it go,You stay here alone,I’m worried!”
Lin Yuner pointed around,Then said:“Nothing to worry about,Xiao Fan,You see, there is also a chair for leisure,And the street lights here are still bright,There are still a lot of people on the road,What are you worried about!”
Xiao Fan looked at Lin Yun’er who was stubborn,Finally shook his head and compromised,Then he said:“Ok,Then you sit here and wait for me,I’ll be back!”
“OK,OK,You go quickly!”Lin Yuner said while pushing Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan helpless,So I quickly walked towards the hotel!