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“Yes,I really don’t know what they think!”Qiao Tianyu sighed。

“But this way,Alpha and Morgan Stanley both suffered heavy losses,We must figure out a way to pull up the share price of Jonathan Copper!”
“Oh?”Rubin looked at Qiao Tianyu with a torturous look,“Do you have any good ideas?”
“of course!”Qiao Tianyu knew Rubin was testing him,I want Rubin to help,Must pass him first。
“Jonathan Copper’s stock price is now being severely suppressed,To save the crisis,The most important thing is to let the market and retail investors regain their confidence in Jonathan Copper。”
“Our enemies are Lehman and the Bahrain Alliance,But the breakthrough can only be Lehman,I want to open a breakthrough from Lehman!”
“Oh?Open a breakthrough from Lehman?Why not Baring Bank?how do you want to do it?”Rubin asked with interest。
“Bank of Bahrain is an old British noble bank,There are branches in major financial centers in the world,Quite strong,If you want to start with Baring Bank,Very difficult!”
“But Lehman is different。Lehman just became independent from American Express this year,Vitality,It’s an extremely difficult year,Can’t withstand big storms,So now Lehman is a paper tiger,Is the most bluffing.”
Qiao Tianyu put out his plan in full。
Rubin listened carefully to Qiao Tianyu’s plan,The expression on the face was suspicious from the beginning,To slow down,Unbelievable afterwards。
Rubin couldn’t believe that Qiao Tianyu would be a recruit in the investment field?
This plan is linked,Old-fashioned,Even if he is a veteran of the investment market,It may not be able to do it。
At this time Rubin is even more convinced that Qiao Tianyu is undoubtedly Qiao’s family!
“There is such a good thing?”
After listening to Qiao Tianyu’s plan,Rubin looked at Qiao Tianyu in disbelief。
According to Qiao Tianyu’s plan,Although it needs to use Morgan Stanley’s huge transaction funds,But Morgan Stanley will also become the biggest beneficiary of this war。
Rubin doesn’t understand why Qiao Tianyu wants to give up huge profits。