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Hu Yang, under the leadership of Mr. Cao,Wandered around,Then stay for a while,It’s noon。Cao is always a local snake,Take everyone to dinner。

After meal,Senior Hua is taking Hu Yang to the work place of the master。
The master looks young,But he is a famous Shoushan stone carver。now,Not good material,He takes less shots,Seems to be focusing on teaching apprentices。
Hu Yang and others saw the master’s apprentice,Very surprised,Because that’s a girl。and,Still a beauty,Luo Bufan stared at them for a long time。
“right now,The previous set is no longer popular,What is passed on from male to female。young people,For traditional crafts,Doesn’t seem to be very interested,Many crafts,It’s already hard to find a descendant,He can’t help it。”Senior Hua said to Hu Yang and others。
Master’s apprentice,It’s said that she is still a neighbor’s girl,Not my granddaughter。Pass the craft to the children of other people,It’s probably helpless。
Hu Yang told the audience in the live broadcast room:“Friends interested in traditional art,Might as well go to apprentice。in fact,Around us,There are a lot of traditional art,Lack of successor。
Let me tell everyone!Traditional crafts,The future will not be worse than when everyone goes to work in a big company,Even more profitable。But one thing,Traditional craftsmanship is not comparable to white-collar workers,That is the communication between colleagues。Generally speaking,People doing this kind of work,I have to endure loneliness。”
Hua Shixiong sees that Populus is always promoting traditional art,Can’t help but praise,This is a responsibility。
Gay guys in the live broadcast room,See that pretty lady,Have asked,Is the master still short of descendants??
There is a beautiful lady as a sister,Definitely a wonderful thing。This kind of plot,Seems to happen only inside。I don’t know if Miss Sister has a boyfriend,If not,Marry a sister as a wife,It’s not impossible。
“Bring a few children over and sit down。”Hua Shixiong said to the master。
The master seems to have checked Hua Shixiong’s urine,Glanced:“Then nothing else?”
“What can be?”