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In fact,Except for the most avid fans,No one would do this,And those police officers who maintain order at the scene,It also exists to stop those madmen。

I’m about to squeeze into the backstage channel,AhVI took out two things that looked like work permits from my shoulder bag,Handed it to Lu Menglin。
“Around the neck,Squeeze in with me!”AhVWaved excitedly,Like a general who is ready to charge。
Lu Menglin looked down at the ID in his hand,Actually《Game time》Media interview card。
Damn it,Is this thing used at this time??Didn’t wait for Lu Menglin to ask questions,Him and ahVHas been squeezed to the entrance of the backstage passage。
Four uniformed on-site security guards hold hands,The strong body is firmly blocking the entrance,Staring at the flow of people in front of you。
AhVTake the lead,I shook the document on my neck at the security guard,Drill in。
ProbablyVSister’s aura is too strong,The security guard blocked the door and released a gap without hesitation,Be taken by him。
Lu Menglin followsVBehind,Successfully mixed into the background。
“Haha,Sure enough!Korean concerts are not much different from domestic concerts,The management was super chaotic when it was gone,As long as there is a certificate,Don’t care what card,Can get in。”Just entered the background,AhVThen he explained to the boss triumphantly。
Lu Menglin nodded repeatedly,I didn’t expect this kind of show operation,The level of exploiting the loophole is too high!
“That one,How can she come in?”Lu Menglin glanced at the girl with sunglasses passing by,His gaze swept across the other’s two thrilling long legs,Asked。
AhVFroze for a while,Look back again,Really strange!The backstage channel is still firmly sealed by security,Who knows where the Korean girl got in from。
“Care about her!We go findHOTNeed to sign!”AhVRolled his eyes,Shriek。
“Isn’t it because there are fewer people walking from here??Why has it become a signature again?”Lu Menglin was puzzled.。