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Steve with a question mark frowned deeply,Look up to Xiang Chen,But found that the latter was getting up little by little,The horse stepped up with one arm。

“This is still human?”
Zheng Ziling and Huang Zetao under the ring questioned at the same time,At this time they no longer care about whether the people around them say the same thing to themselves,Just stared at the two people on the ring。
This is not a professional fighting event,But in terms of excitement,But not lose at all!
Seeing that my lock technique was completely broken by Xiang Chen,Steve changed his skills immediately,Xiang Chen no longer gives him a chance。
“I said,You know nothing about power!”
One brow high,A low brow,Xiang Chen’s voice fell,Steve was also severely thrown into the ring。
The arm is no longer bound by the cross,Xiang Chen wanted to give Steve another punch,But in front of Steve,Xiang Chen’s fist stopped alive。
“Just now you can do your best from the beginning,But you don’t,So i won’t ruin your career。But you lose!”
The fist didn’t hit Steve’s face,While Steve hasn’t recovered,Xiang Chen raised his foot and kicked him off the ring。
The surroundings are incomparable silence,Then the cheers resounded throughout this stadium,Just because of this scene that happened in the gym today,It can be recorded in the history of Wanghai University。
Xiang Chen often breathed out,Indulge in Chinese martial arts,Almost scrapped by a young man in America,If this news goes back to Paradise Island,God knows when I will be laughed at!
Head up suddenly,I happened to see Han Zhili also looking at him。
Winked at Han Zhili,The latter also nodded towards Xiangchen,Then open a bottle of mineral water,Drank it casually。Xiang Chen knows,Straightened up,Then he looked at the rest of the Ivy League team and said。
“Let’s go together!”
Xiang Chen’s voice fell,Han Zhili directly sprayed out the mineral water that had not been swallowed。