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Youthful,All at the age of dreaming,It’s not uncommon to think of such crooked roads,But like chubby,I’m so fat to go to the bank to step on the bottom,There are really few!

Chubby scratched his head,Said:“Ha ha!I also feel,If you make things too much,Brother Lu I’m afraid it won’t use the money。Shall we kidnap the ticket?!Which leader in the factory has the most money,Your dad must know,You go back and ask,Then I looked for opportunities to tie people up,Can you get some money out to show Brother Lu??”
“This.Chubby,Have you watched any video tapes lately??I haven’t seen you have so many ideas before?”Wang Shaoxiaoku
Pudgy nodded,Tao:“They have taken me to watch Hong Kong movies these days,《heroic nature》,and also《God of Gamblers》。I just think this idea will work,Those corrupt officials must dare not say anything。”
Wang Shaoxiao shook his head desperately:“My brother,Stop thinking,You can’t do these tricks!The officials in our factory are very thief,I don’t put too much cash at home,You can’t make a lot of money,And to be honest,I guess they don’t have that much money。”
Willow spinning in 1998,If you have 30,000 or 50,000 in your family, it’s a good family,There is a two hundred thousand on the account,Except for a few big bosses in business,The rest must be corrupt officials。
As for the number of millions,Maybe it’s nothing to put in a big city like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou,But in a small place like Liufang,No one can really tell。
“How about this!If you really want to contribute,Let’s take good care of the King’s Game Hall,Help Aunt Lu earn more money。Last time Lu Menglin said about opening a branch,Let’s breathe with brothers,Try to make it up,Get more income,Maybe it can help。What do you think?”Wang Shaoxiao said earnestly。
“it is good!Then I asked them to catch all the students who were playing games in the store,Must spend money。Then take people to smash all the other game halls!”Stand up chubby,He probably thinks this business sounds very reliable,Can’t wait to act。
“Wait,Wait!Don’t worry!Can’t come hard!That’s not doing business,That’s still robbery!Chubby,You listen to me,I have a way,Let’s not come hard,Quietly enter the village,No guns!”Wang Shaoxiao quickly laughed。
“It’s the same thing Menglin said last time,Let’s open a new store together,Open more,Don’t you just make more money??Menglin said Liufang can only open three more,That’s ok,Open three first,Let’s play out the sign of the King’s Game Hall,Go to the city to open a few more。”Wang Shaoxiao gets more excited as he speaks,Dancing,Seems to have been thinking about it for a long time。
“You think!Our young boss in the King’s Game Hall went abroad to play the King of Fighters,What a gimmick this is!When Menglin’s game results come out,Win every round,We will do the promotion in the store,carry on
Arena or something,Definitely attract more gamers。”
Fat Dun can hear,Rubbed the fat on his face,Tao:“Row!Just do as you said!I don’t know much anyway。If people don’t let us open a store,I just beat him down。”
“correct!Let’s go to the city to open a shop,Something will happen,Then you will come out of town,Let’s have one article and one weapon,Sure to win。”This is what Wang Shaoxiao waited for,Thigh thigh with excitement。
These two guys,One is tiger idiot,Super combat effectiveness,One is the dog head,Full belly,The two get together,I really feel so complementary。
These two not only plan to take care of the street king game hall for the Lu family,Also ready to unite the power of other brothers,Started preparations for the expansion of the game hall。
Actually, it can’t be said that their path is off track,It just expanded Lu Menglin’s previous thoughts several times。Everyone can see it anyway,You can really make money by opening a game hall,Many families have some eager ideas,They are just following the trend。