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but,The strong breath that exudes from his whole body,But it can’t be blocked no matter how much。

For such a person,Lin Yu really can’t understand,Why before,Everyone can treat him as a useless person?
This is obviously a man who is too strong to be strong。
Thought of here,Lin Yu couldn’t help but smile again,Talk about others?
I was also not long ago,Do you still think that man??
Lin Yu closed his eyes again,Then said to Lin Yang:
“father,No matter what Xiao Fan wants,We all promise him,We can’t beat him。”
Lin Yang raised his head and looked at Xiao Fan, who was not far away,Then sighed,Just said to Lin Yu:
“Yuer,It’s no longer our business to agree to him,But we have no way to stop this,In addition to promise Xiao Fan,We can’t do anything else。”
“but,Yuer,Are you really fine now??”
Lin Yu felt it,Just said to Lin Yang:
“father,I feel better now than before,Really better。I don’t know what’s going on,Suddenly I feel a lot less pain in my body。”
Lin Yang raised his head and looked at Xiao Fan in wonder!
perhaps,This man,Once again, I am impressed。
It’s useless a long time,Lin Yuner’s other two uncles also came to Lin Yang’s house。
Lin Yang see this,I said directly to Lin Yu:
“Yuer,father,Just passed!”
Lin Yang finished saying this to Lin Yu,He went straight to the gate to join his two brothers。