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It’s his fault,So no need to explain,I just want to have some respect for that woman。

If a woman is willing to die for a man,So what can already be proved,Not to mention that she has already left,If you care about,That seems a bit too much。
“that……And the one just now?”Murong Qianxue refused to let it go,The cold woman bit her lip,Another angrily。
The one just now?
Dream Butterfly?
Xia Chenglong has a headache,Sure enough, what he was afraid of was the misunderstanding,The result really came。
Actually Mengdie is very good,Xia Chenglong also knows the other party’s thoughts more or less,But after all, they didn’t do anything extraordinary,Everything is still under control。
But Murong Qianxue is different,Put aside their own emotions,The two sides have seen each other sincerely,That feeling is naturally different。
“I swear,We are just friends!”
“is it,Then do I have to thank her for taking care of you!”
Hear the woman’s elongated tone,Xia Chenglong scratched his hair,A very embarrassing smile,“That one,If you can,in fact,Thanks too,what……”
The voice is faltering,At this moment, she was directly screwed around her waist.,I almost passed out without pain。
The woman doesn’t feel bad at all,As if he was punishing him for being soaked in flowers everywhere,Absolutely cruel。
“Murong Qianxue!”