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But Qin Feng didn’t expect the Knicks to react so much。But it doesn’t matter,After all, even the two guards and a few bodyguards combined are not Liu Xing’s opponents.,Even Qin Feng feels that he doesn’t need to do it himself。

“Robben,I didn’t expect you to come to me,Now this is my territory,If you dare to take a step forward,We actually shot you and killed you for nothing。”
“brothers,Have something to say!We are more or less related by blood!”Although Robben also yelled,But he has been hiding
After Qin Feng,I’m afraid the other party will actually shoot。
“Ha ha,Return brother?At that time, you combined the red light district’s top card to lie to my last industry,Now he told me it was a misunderstanding?I don’t have a brother like you!”
“It’s all a misunderstanding。That’s what my boss did,It has nothing to do with me,I’m just a handyman。”Robben continues to explain。
But the Knicks didn’t listen at all,“I let you off before,Because we still have a blood relationship。You are fine now,Delivered by yourself,That means you have the consciousness of death, right??”
just,This nobleman has just finished speaking,He found that the gun in his hand fell to the ground。At the same time he felt numbness in his hand.
Chapter Four Hundred and Two Viscount Nix
Liu Xing clapped his hands,“I don’t want to listen to your nonsense,Put the one between you aside beforehand。”
Qin Feng found,Liu Xing actually threw a paralysis needle at the Knicks and several bodyguards,This small dose of anesthetic is unlikely to make these people drowsy,But the place hit will definitely be soft and unable to exert force。
At least now they have no strength to pick up the gun。
“Who are you?Why did you shoot me?”Knicks staring at Liu Xing,Then something seemed to come to mind,Just scolded,“Robben, you bastard,It’s not enough for me once,Actually came the second time?Do you want me and you desperately?”
“Few of you.”The two guards rushed out at this moment,Because they discovered that the group of people claiming to be cousins had a dispute with their boss,And made their boss very angry,Obviously it’s not a group。
At this time, the bodyguard is overcast and can no longer act,Then they need to rush up to show off。
unfortunately,In front of Liu Xing,These people are not in the stream at all。Liu Xing quickly brought down the two hits。