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Hubei wheat harvested nearly 90 %, rapeseed is basically finished, and the quality and excellent quality of this year is a foregone conclusion

The wheat waves are rolling and the earth flows. Photographed in Panyang Village, Zhengchang Town, Xiantao City.

(Photo by correspondent Wu Qingxiao) Granules return to warehouses.

Photographed in Xiao Wan Village, Wudian Town, Zaoyang City. (Photo by correspondent Huang Zhengpeng) Hubei Daily News (Reporter Cui Guoyu, Wang Tong, correspondent Wang Haiyang) Maybe people were busy, and wheat covered Longhuang.

According to the agricultural situation scheduling and field survey and analysis of the Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department, as of May 30, the province’s wheat in the province had harvested nearly 90 %, and the rapeseed was basically completed.

Generally speaking, the quality of new wheat and rapeseed this year is generally good. It is expected that the output and quality are "double increase".

Since the beginning of this year, our province has strengthened its responsibilities. In the name of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the spring field management work site meeting, spring agricultural production work promotion meeting, and the "Sanxia" work conference will be held. The liability of food is closed and closed -loop, and the "hard task" of food production is implemented with "hard measures".

Policies are powerful.

Our province will timely issue subsidy funds such as one -time subsidies for planting grain farmers, implement the purchase subsidy of 100 million yuan, subsidize agricultural machinery, and increase the power of agricultural machinery for thousands of kilowatts, and stabilize the expected food planting expectations. The field tube is implemented. The Provincial Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department and the Provincial Meteorological Bureau do a good job of technical plans for winter and spring anti -disaster field pipelines, meteorological disaster risk early warning work plans, organize 5017 professional plant protection organizations in the province, thousands of efficient equipment, and implement the summer grain strong field pipes to seize the harvest operation, and "Two increases and two decreases" and "insects to seize food" promote the harvest operation and vigorously carry out the control of pests and insect pests.

The area of ??rust in the province decreased by 85%compared with last year, and the area of ??wheat scibloma was nearly 40%, which not only guaranteed the yield and the quality.

Guarantee in place. Agricultural rural areas, sutra, supply and marketing and other departments jointly promote the supply of fertilizer production enterprises to provide full -time supply. The overall supply of seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides required in spring is sufficient. The province established 270 cross -zone recovery service stations, with a total of 1.04 million agricultural machinery. The service is accurate.

The Provincial Agricultural and Rural Department sent 9 guidance groups and 4 scientific and technological service groups to conduct tour guidance for partitioned packages, and launched the "Hubei Spring Agricultural Field Pure Lecture Hall" on the online platform. Experts were taught by the clouds. The cumulative number of viewers exceeded 2 million. The province held a total of 589 plant protection technical training and tens of thousands of trainers, and 2.21 million copies of plant protection technical materials were issued.

At present, the main production area Xiangyang Wheat is close to the end, and the real estate output of Xueliu Village, Xue Liu Village, Huangji Town, Xiangzhou District is kg/mu. Jingzhou, Jingmen, Tianmen, Qianjiang, Xiantao and other regions have basically ended in summer.

The appropriate period of spring sowing and summer sowing is advanced, and the growth of early rice and regenerative rice seedlings is normal. In the next step, the province’s agricultural and rural departments will continue to grasp field management, technical guidance, tracking and scheduling, implement key links such as centralized rice seedlings, machine insertion seedlings, etc., and demonstrate the promotion of "corn+soybeans" band -shaped composite planting mode in a suitable area to ensure that ensuring Food harvest throughout the year.