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Ministry of Commerce: Increase investment in manufacturing, R & D centers and other fields

  People’s Daily Online, Beijing, May 31 (Reporter Zhao Zhuqing) The reporter learned from the press conference of the National Development and Reform Commission held on the 31st that my country will accelerate the revision of the "Encouraging Foreign Investment Industry Catalogs" and increase investment in manufacturing and research and development centers. Policy support.

  "Since the beginning of this year, my country’s foreign trade and foreign capital have been stable, achieving continuous growth, showing strong toughness." Sheng Qiuping, deputy minister of the Ministry of Commerce, mentioned that from January to April %, Actual use of foreign capital increases by%. Since March, affected by factors such as slowing growth and the slowdown of new crown pneumonia, the pressure on foreign trade has increased, and foreign investment has also faced many challenges. Facing the complex and severe situation, the Party Central Committee and the State Council made important deployments, and a clear requirement for the stability of the economy. Sheng Qiuping introduced that the Ministry of Commerce’s benchmarking table resolutely implemented it, reality, and practical results, and quickly constructed the "3+3" implementation framework around the work of stabilizing foreign trade and stabilizing foreign capital. The first "3" is a three -way work that has been carried out.

  The first is the policy. We conscientiously implement the spirit of the national and foreign investment in the country’s stable and foreign investment, and promoted the introduction of the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Institute of Foreign Trade Preservation and Stability". It clarified the strengthening of the production and operation guarantee of foreign trade enterprises, promoting cross -border e -commerce to accelerate the development of quality and increase quality increase increase Thirteen policies such as effects are relieved for foreign trade enterprises and "decompression" for the development of foreign trade.

  The second is the construction mechanism. Focusing on key foreign -funded enterprises and projects, four mechanisms have been established, which are one -on -one "through traffic" contact mechanism, dynamic response mechanism for epidemic situation, normalized communication mechanism for foreign business associations, and language service mechanisms for foreign people. Repeated work. The third is excellent service.

Guide the provinces and cities of the immune, determine the list of key foreign trade and foreign -funded enterprises and related logistics enterprises and personnel lists, and focus on production, logistics, and employment. Actively promote the role of export credit insurance, and provide strong guarantee for foreign trade enterprises to prevent risks, order orders, and protect markets.

Support enterprises to improve exchange rate risk management capabilities, improve exchange rate shelter products services, and promote the steady operation of foreign trade enterprises. The second "3" is the three aspects of the next step. First, focus on implementing policies. It will guide the local business authorities to pay close attention to the implementation of policies such as stabilizing foreign trade, especially to appropriately tilted with small and medium -sized foreign trade enterprises, and use policies such as export tax refund and credit insurance support to strive to reduce the comprehensive cost of the enterprise. Strict implementation of foreign investment laws, ensuring various policies of equal application of foreign enterprises, and effectively enjoying national treatment. The second is to promote the introduction of new supporting measures. The "Encouraging Foreign Investment Industry Catalogs" will be accelerated to further expand the scope of encouragement. Increase support policies in manufacturing, R & D centers and other fields, optimize the structure of investment, and improve the quality of investment. At the same time, according to the new situation and new situation, we will make a good reserve of foreign trade and foreign investment. The third is to strive to stabilize foreign trade and foreign -funded enterprises. It will guide localities to accelerate the improvement of the service guarantee system for key foreign trade enterprises, increase the work of smooth and unblocked foreign trade cargo logistics transportation, and help enterprises make good use of preferential policies such as RCEP free trade agreement.

Give full play to the role of key foreign -funded projects, and actively respond to the demands of foreign -funded business convenience.

Further sort out large foreign -funded projects of more than US $ 100 million, increase investment and factor guarantee, and promote the early landing, early production, and early production.

Editor in charge: Ma Chi.