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Dingzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau comprehensively strengthen food safety supervision

  While the Dingzhou Market Supervision and Administration Bureau is doing a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic, it has strengthened food safety supervision to ensure food safety of the people in the city.

  The bureau has strengthened the food safety supervision and inspection of large supermarkets and farmers’ markets, strictly inspected the incomplete votes, no inspection and quarantine, etc., and urged the problems discovered to be rectified within a time limit.

Units focusing on hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and social welfare agencies focus on the subject inspection objects that are prone to food safety group incidents. They are required to strictly implement relevant regulations on food safety management and timely eliminate hidden food safety hazards.

Comprehensively investigate the act of selling cold chain foods such as imported livestock and poultry meat, aquatic products and other cold chain foods such as agricultural products wholesale markets, supermarkets, etc., and strengthen the traceability of cold chain foods to achieve regular investigation, clear direction and reciprocity, and resolutely cut off the epidemic situation through cold chain food transmissionChain.(Reporter Zhang Chunhong correspondent Peng Yuhong).