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Disabled girls leave the home of Hebi City Shancheng Citizen Service Center to help send home

Recently, the Hall of Hebi City Citizens Service Center has come to a vision, hoping to participate in training class related to persons with disabilities. Volunteers in the Citizen Service Center in the Shancheng District received a girl and helped her contact the Mountain Town Disabled Persons.

However, the careful volunteers have found that the girls communicate with people are not particularly smooth. "The training institutions she described is verified by the staff of the Disabled Person." The staff of the Shancheng District Service Center said, "and the contradictions before and after the description, the ability to express is not very smooth.

"Just in the process of inquiry, the volunteers found a personal information card on the girl. There was no contact number on the information brand but did not contact the phone. After three cases, the girl still could not clearly express their needs or Home address.

To prevent accidents, volunteers have dial 110 alarms and hope that the police can help.

After counting, after the attendance police rushed to the Shancheng Citizen Service Center, he learned that the girl was left home in the case of the unopened parents, and the family did not help.

The volunteers of the Ji’an District Civil Service Center also made a call, which made the girl’s family found the girl in time to prevent accidents.

(Contributing to the Pangjianghai, the Shancheng District Committee of Hebi City) (Editor: Snior, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.