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Chongqing International Biological City will add new project to promote high-quality development of healthy industry

Build a drug research and development service platform built.

Chongqing International Biological City is for map People’s Network Chongqing on September 5th, September 5, Duchuang Drug R & D service platform was completed and used in Chongqing, Chongqing University Health, Caigan Investment Center, held in Chongqing International Biological City.

Among them, the drug-based research and development service platform is the first small molecular chemistry innovation service in Chongqing, CDMO platform, Zhongnan High-tech Chongqing University Health Wisdom Valley is a key project in Chongqing International Biological City to expand a large health industry.

  Small molecular innovation drug CDMO platform enhanced industrial innovation source kinetic energy Chongqing International Biological City is the "National Strategic Emerging Industry Cluster" and "National High-tech Zone" Biological High-tech Park, Chongqing Biomedical Industry Development "Main Engine" "Golden Basket." All Groups have certain global influence in the field of chemical research and development services, and all Chongqing is an important research and development base of the Group, which is a key ring of its business chain.

Duchuang drug R & D service platform is built in accordance with international leading standards, equipped with international first-class research and development equipment, established a CDMO platform in China’s leading level ki-class laboratories and Chongqing’s first small molecular innovation drug service, and undertake domestic international customers. R & D needs, docking the domestic production base for optimization and transfer, providing all-round, integrated laboratory research and production services in the Chongqing Pharmaceutical field, which gives an important innovative energy in the field of new drug research and development in Southwest China. "Duchuang drug R & D service platform will provide comprehensive, integrated laboratory R & D and production services to the development of small molecular innovation drugs in Chongqing and Southwest China, and help high quality development in Chongqing’s bio-pharmaceutical industry.

"Du Chuang Group Chairman Wang Lei said.