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British environmental experts: China’s active contribution to climate change

Xinhua News Agency, November 6th (Reporter Zhang Dynasty, Jin Jing), the UK Environment and Climate Imon Experts Anthony Wrocat said, China actively participated in the international multilateral cooperation, vigorously developed and promoting cleaning energy technology, making global response to climate change Positive contribution. In a forum event of the Second Sixth Parties (COP26) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Environmental and Social Project of the Institute of Royal International Problems, and the senior researcher, senior researcher, to Xinhua News Agency. In the field of climate change, China supports and actively participates in international multilateral cooperation. For example, China’s initiative promotes the construction of a green "One-way" is very important, because the world’s countries need to formulate policies to improve their environmental protection, but also need green environmental protection in international cooperation. Freud said that China, the United States and the EU have great cooperation potential in the field of renewable energy such as wind energy, solar energy, and tripartite works closely with the related technical costs in these areas to promote global promotion. Freud praised China’s development to reduce the emission reduction target.

He said that China announced that carbon peaks were achieved 2030, 2060 years ago, and vigorously implemented the reduction commitment, which was widely welcomed by the international community. He said that China vigorously develops and applies cleaning energy to promote the export of domestic economic green transformation and renewable energy technologies. "In the fields of wind power, solar energy, the number of projects and the technical level of China’s construction is leading the world." COP26 opened in Glasgow, England October 31.

The current conference is the first Conference of the Parties after the "Paris Agreement" entered the implementation phase. The international community generally expects all parties, especially developed countries to truly implement emission reduction commitments, joint action, to effectively bring crisis and challenges to climate change. . (Editor: Wang Yizhen, Liu Jieyu) Share more people to see.