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Anhui Aid Command Promoting the cooperation between Chinese medicine enterprises in Zijiang

In order to deepen the cooperation between Chinese medicine enterprises in Zhanjiang, further promote the high quality development of Pishan characteristics, November 29, Anhui Aid Command member, Pishan County Deputy Country Foreign Hu Sunshable Rural Revitalization Work Special Class County Fengrui Priority Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. investigates the management of Chinese herbal medicines. Hui Yu, Chairman of Fengrui Priority, General Manager Zhang Xianyong accompanied the investigation. Anhui Aid Command is actively docked with Cangzhou Fuxing Traditional Chinese Medicine Planting Professional Cooperatives, providing Board, Atractylodes, Time, Cycoma, Caucasite, and Teacher, Pishan, etc. Planting, Cangzhou Fuxing is responsible for the acquisition of Chinese herbal medicines.

The research team went deep into the company production base, carefully view Chinese herbal medicines planting facilities, greenhouse construction, irrigation fertilization, etc.

In the case of this year, the company’s Chinese herbal medicine is grateful. When planning to expand, the Hu Shun said that the Anhui Aid Command will use the advantages of "Chinese medicine" in Zhangzhou City to further play the bridge bonds, and strive to promote the Chinese medicine enterprises in Zijiang. Cooperation, support the formation of Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal medicines, manufacturing and integrated supporting services, etc.

Since this year, Anhui Aid Command will adhere to the cooperation of traditional Chinese medicine enterprises in the Diji, as a strong consolidation of the expansion of the poverty, promote the village revitalization. Cooperative space, strive to build Pishan as an important node of southern China Medicine, and continuously improve the comprehensive benefits of mouthiding.

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